Setlife in Prague


Picture; First day at Prague on August

Dobrý den!

Welcome to sneak peek inside Prague life experienced by film school student. My name is Lyydia and I am studying at FAMU international as an exchange student. I am here only for one semester, but I have seen and done so many things. I am glad that I chose to live this half year at Prague.

FAMU is an awesome school, which have helped me to evolved as an artist. I gladly recommended it to all film student around the world. Teachers are amazing and there is always modules and special guest lectures going on, where top of the world artists comes to teach. There has been few filmings, but mostly it is more theory basic studies. For me it was okay, because I have lot of practical studies, so it was nice to have more theory now.

Prague is full of life and opportunities to explore it’s culture. I would recommend Zischow. a suburb of Prague at area 3,  it is full of nice restaurants, bars and during summer time there is always small festivals happening. And the prizes are smaller than in the centrum. Everything is cheaper than in Finland, but still remember to have always your ticket for transport, there is surprisingly often inspectors. Food is awesome, but heavy. There is hard to find a great salad for a lunch, but even if you are a meat lover, try vegetarian restaurants. Trust me, you won’t be dissapointed.

I recommend everybody to travel here and also if is it possible to come to study here, even better!



Picture; Prague from the hill on September

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