Dreampeaks in Madrid


Greetings from Madrid, Spain. I am doing my internship here for a company called Dreampeaks. It is a small family owned company which is specialized on climbing and hiking activities. Most of the times i have been just working with my boss and helping him with marketing and finding new potential customers. I have also been able to join the hikes. The hikes i participated were called walk & talk. Hikes were easy and bilingual. The meaning was to see the beautiful mountains close to Madrid called Sierra de Guadarrama and talk spanish and english. We had customers from all ovet the world and hiking routes were beautiful.


I have enjoyed my internship a lot and i had also time to take some spanish classes to improve my spanish. I was also able to do trips. I went to Barcelona, Girona and Toledo.

Madrid has been wonderful for me. A full of life and good food. You will never get bored in this city. I highly recommend to go there and feel the relaxed atmosphere of this big city.


Un saludo,

Marjukka Mäkinen


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