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Xin chào from Vietnam

Greetings from a whole different world!

I’ve now been over 3 months in Vietnam. I’m doing my practical training period here at the mobile phone factory. I’m being a part of the service team which consists many engineers from many countries. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity, since normally it is really hard to see some factory like that because of all the corporational secrets.

This trip has grown me not only as a student, but as a person too. The factory is so multicultural and sharing ideas with other people has made me realize many new things from my country and myself.

Working aside, I’ve loved my stay here in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Of course Vietnam is a developing country and life here is pretty rough, but once you get used to it and learn more about the culture, you’re going to love it. There are so many things that you cannot see by visiting a short time, you have to live here to understand. And of course for a finnish guy, 30 degrees in december is something to enjoy from…

All the natural beauty of Vietnam is something that you won’t see anywhere else. Especially Halong Bay, which is one of the UNESCO natural heritage sites.

Only two weeks remain until it’s time to come home. Then I’ll be one life changing experience richer.

Feel Slovenia

Hi and greetings from Ljubljana! I’m currently doing my practical training as a nursing student here in the capital of Slovenia. My exchange time lasts three months and it is almost gone. I’m going to be back in Finland next week.

In these three months I’ve been practicing in many different places, both in primary healt care and special health care. Most of the time I’ve been in University Medical Centre Ljubljana. I’ve been in many different wards, e.g. operating theatre, surgical ward and hematology ward. Every place has been different and very interesting in their’s own way. I have seen many kind of things, learned a lot and got to practice my skills as nurse. Foreign language has brought challenges to my practice, it’s been difficult to communicate especially with older patients, who can’t speak English. My colleagues here are really nice and also very interested in Finnish health care system.
I’ve also been couple of days at university, where I attended skills lab class with local students.


The main building of University of Ljubljana

Slovenia is a beautiful country and local people are kind and polite. Nature here is variable, there are mountains and lakes, caves, coast and hills. Ljubljana is known of the river Ljubljanica, which flows through the city. This city is also a popular exchange destination, there are a lot of student from all over Europe studying here.


Lake Bled






These three months have gone very quickly and I can warmly recommend exchange time for everyone. You get to see the world, meet new people and learn a lot new things and also about yourself.


A list of things, cachai?

– Internship in Valparaiso Chile

– Production of an arts festival in the city of Valparaiso

– Macbook pro broke and left me for good

– Lots of street art

– Lot of bread everywhere

– I am gluten free

– Hot dogs are called completos

– Surfing and more surfing

– The ocean is really cold, though

-And really, really beautiful.

– Everybody drinks tea

– Hard to find good coffee

– I have seven roommates

– The house is cool, though

– At fisrt I felt as if thee city just poured itsel on top of me

– and I was afraid of leaving my house

-because I thought I wouldn´t find my way back home.

-Lots of stairs and hills and colourful houses

– 168 steps to go to my house

– Nice butt workout, though.


Kalispéra everyone!

Good evening to all of you as my title says! I’ve now spent three months in Crete with my classmate and our exchange period is ending this Saturday. This whole experience has been amazing and I haven’t yet realized that I really am going home this week…but before I leave I want to share the highlights of my exchange with all of you.

I’m a nursing student and I came to Crete to do three different practical trainings. First one was home care but because of the differences in health care systems between Greece and Finland this training took place in a local nursing home. There we familiarized ourselves with “Namaste Care Programme for people with dementia” and leaded so called Namaste sessions for the elderly patients.

The second practical training took place in orthopedic department of the local University Hospital “Pagni”. At first we were really shocked about local hygiene perceptions and the slow work tempo but in the end everything turned out okay.

We did our last training in operation rooms of Pagni. This training was the most exciting one for me and based on this experience I chose to specialize in perioperative care in my studies. We got to observe surgeries from almost every field of medicine and we also explored the work in recovery room.


The highlights of my exchange outside the hospitals are from following moments:

Trip to Spinalong island with other Erasmus exchange students

Spinalonga island
Spinalonga island
Some of the exchange students including me
Some of the exchange students including me

Autumn break when my family came to visit me from Finland

Us in front of the palace of Knossos
Us in front of the palace of Knossos

Hiking trip to mountains where I tried rockclimbing for the first time


All those sunny and beautiful days we spent on the beach

Enjoying life!
Enjoying life!

Trip to Athens with other exchange students from Heraklion, Hania and Rethymnon

Me and Tuuli in front of Acropolis
Me and Tuuli in front of Acropolis

Last week we organized a Finnish evening for the other exchange students because of the Independence day of Finland. We served hard rye bread that had shrimps with mayonnaise on top of them and “Fisu”, the popular party drink from Finland. On Sunday we had a pre-Christmas party and the exchange students from Czech had made glogg and ginger biscuits. Tomorrow we are going to Hania and on Thursday we will meet with people from Rethymnon. Friday is our last day here and we will spend it in the University dormitory with our Erasmus family. I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope you all had as amazing exchange experience as me!

It’s a perfect time for ‘Fika’

I arrived in Sweden on 26th of August earlier this autumn, and ever since I have been living in a rather small city Trollhättan that is located in a Southern Sweden, 30 minutes by train from Gothenburg. The amazing location of Trollhättan was one of the main reasons to apply for studies in Sweden; I knew how crazily easy it was to travel to other Scandinavian countries from there. And that on the other hand was something which fascinated me greatly; to see the different cities so near, but still far enough that I have never travelled to those before.

 And traveling is the thing we have done here a lot – so mission accomplished! Now after three months in Sweden I can just be extremely thankful for all the great adventures.

 What comes to studying here, well that part didn’t go exactly as planned beforehand. As I arrived here and had my introductory lectures, it was clear that I had to change half of the courses, as my previous studies did not give strong enough knowledge base for those. Also the level they require in the exams here in Sweden showed up to be extremely high; our first lectures had always those motivational speeches saying that “more than 60 per cent fail the exam always but don’t worry, you can do as many re-exams as you want”.

Also studying besides the exams have been completely different than we Finns are used to. Here in Sweden everything is all about writing your own reflections of the books you have read and afterwards we have seminars where to discuss about the literature. Challenging and interesting!



20141121_13171020140828_154824 (Since this program didn’t let me add more photos, that’s all you get this time, haha)


One week to go here before it’s time to say goodnight for a moment and celebrate Christmas with my loved ones <3

 Ps. I thought for a moment to make this blog post into a real Christmas edition with only pictures from Christmas markets around Scandinavia but after all that wouldn’t be fair since there wouldn’t be any photos of the Finnish ones?

– Jutta


Greetings From Greece!

Hi everybody! Im currently doing the last week of my practical training in beautiful island of Crete with my classmate and also my best friend! We are living in the city of Heraklion which is same size as Tampere.  Only one week left from three months training here. In these three months i have been working in the nursing home and in the hospital. I have comleted homecare and surgigal practises. I have learn what is working like with foreign language and how you can work with people that you dont have common language with. Sometimes it has feel like im not going to learn anything here because its kind of Greek style that people are not doing o much and everything happens really slowly. But afterwards i have realized that i have learned so many things. For example at first i was quite shocked about the aseptic working here because they dont pay much attention for it but then i realized that when i see that somebody is doing something wrong and differently from what Im used to in Finland I will remember how things have been taught in school and I will pay more attention that I do things right. And i think that it is really richness to see different kind of ways in working. And i have to admit that even when we sometimes in Finland are complaining about working conditions and lack of time in working we still have the best healthcare system and possibilitys to good working.

Working in the operation room was definitely the best part of training
Working in the operation room was definitely the best part of training. We got to see so many things that we would have not seen if we had done the training in Finland

We also have had lot of free time between works and by far we have experienced so much and amazing things that it is almost impossible to write everything here, but I will try my best!  For example we have visited Athens, Agios Nicholaos , island of Spinalonga, palace on Knossos and Mykene. We have also enjoyed the beautifull  nature and sunny and warm weather.

We tryed rockclimbing
We tryed rockclimbing
Nature here is beautiful especially in mountains
Nature here is beautiful especially in mountains
But im also in love with the beaches
But Im also in love with the beaches
We have met amazing people and Im gonna miss our Erasmus Group
We have met amazing people and Im gonna miss our Erasmus Group

Three months have gone really fast and i cant believe that soon Im coming home. These have definitely been the best three months in my life and Im going to miss this so much!



Land of Fire and Ice

I am currently doing last weeks of my exchange here in Reykjavik University in Iceland! Only two weeks and I will be back in Finland!

This far I have climbed on top of mount Esja, visited at Geysers and enjoyed warm waters of blue lagoon. I have of course done other things too, but those were things I decided to mention. Unfortunately I lost most of pictures I took when I was climbing on Esja, but fortunately pictures that I took on top of it are still intact.

After arriving Iceland’s volcanoes started to be more active again, but they haven’t affected Reykjavik at all. It seems that those volcanoes are still active, or at least one of them and lava field has already become as large as 75 km²! For those who are interested about Iceland’s current volcano activity, take a look at following link:

In school it has been rather busy from time to time. There wasn’t much choice with courses and I did chose courses taught in English that seemed like best choices. At first I had time, but then there started to be multiple deadlines for same week for bigger assignments. That was when I started to think that it was much easier in Finland. I had four courses that started in august and ended in November and fifth course is three week long course full days from Monday to Friday.

When I arrived here, I was surprised about lack of trees. There weren’t any forests in sight in Keflavik. Only after arriving to Reykjavik I was able to see some trees, there is small forest beside Reykjavik University, but still, there aren’t many forests in Iceland.

Left, picture from bus when leaving from Keflavik airport. Right, picture from top of mount Esja, it’s possible to see Reykjavik over there.

Language resembles Swedish, but even if I did bought textbook about Icelandic language, I still haven’t found time to learn it. It is possible to understand some words of Icelandic with Swedish language knowledge, but it’s easiest to use English since most of Icelandic people can speak English rather well.

Prices depend much on which store you choose. Cheapest place to buy food is Bonus, but even there meat is expensive. If you don’t want to use many times more money for food buying of meat isn’t a good idea. I once found some cheap bacon that still cost much more than bacon in Finland and I found out that it was far from good bacon I was used to.

Church in Reykjavik. One of the biggest sight-seeings just few hundred meters away from where I had rented room.

Hot water comes straight from the ground and there fore it might smell annoying to some people. I myself think that it smells like boiled eggs.

It took while for snow come down here in Reykjavik. It already snowed once, but it melted on next day. When I visited at Geysers and other things in Golden circle tour I did chose a bad day for tour. On that day weather looked nice in Reykjavik, but when bus drove away from sea it started snowing, there was snow at Geysers and it was freezing at waterfalls. At waterfalls path to waterfalls was snowy and stomped what made it extremely slippery. At least I will remember it well when all people were slowly advancing down for better view.

Now after long wait snow has come and it stays. It’s rather chilly out there at the moment.

Left, geyser and me. That geyser was active and let out boiling water every few minutes. Right, waterfalls, it was freezing out there!

Low lands, high spirits

A language consisting mostly of throat sounds? Weed and stroopwoffels? WHAT?

That’s the tourist version of Netherlands at least. Mine is a little different.

I am studying in the NHL Hogeschool in the city of Leeuwarden. During my exchange period I am doing an minor called Art ‘n Sound and there a path Collegeradio. In practice this means that students in that path are divided into four groups of three people who are doing two hours of internet radio twice a week. In addition to that we do our own marketing and content, including jingles and show content. You can listen the results in

This is how the magic happens
This is how the magic happens

Outside of school many things can happen. The city itself is quite small, with only about 100,000 people – 1/4 of which are students by the way – so there is a desire to see the other cities. Luckily the railway system is excellent and goes nearly anywhere. I strongly recommend at least the Haague and Rotterdam, as well as Hoek van Holland, Harlingen and Haarlem as well. Why do they all start with the letter h?

The mandatory sing sitting event
The mandatory sing sitting event

But as I mentioned, Leeuwarden is a student city and as such there are many, MANY parties and other events happening all the time. So boredom is almost impossible. The other exchange students are also plenty and they also have many ideas in their hands. I can’t say anything else but come to see them out.

During my studies I have posted a regular video blog series, you can see it all here:


p.s. the language? It is actually quite simple, easier than German, actually.

Football, football and…. football

Obviously I am doing my exchange in University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Though the school workload here is less than I got in TAMK, it requires much more of learning-by-heart and teaching involves more theory or perhaps my chosen subjects focused on finance stuffs. The best thing for me, as a United fan, is free school bus from main campus to Old Trafford stadium. So far, I’ve been to 2 games there; one of which is Argentina vs Portugal and first time in my life I saw Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in a same match.

Apart from football, I visited a British family in Widnes once weekend as part of family host programme running throughout the UK. Quite surprisingly, I figured out that chips are served in almost every meal like fish & chips; steak & chips, etc… Also, my English skills were put under the most extreme test ever as I got to deal with elderly’s Northern British accents and many slangs and dialect used on daily basis like “brew” means “tea” and “dead” is” very” …But anyway, I had a pleasant stay with such nice and helpful people and now I can proudly call them “my family in Britain”.

Many folks told me that Tampere is Manchester of Finland and now I reckon it is quite a fair comment. Not only do the 2 cities share the shame history background as the first industrious hub in each own countries but they are also considered to be the media city of the whole nation. Media city UK consists of giant British media companies such as BBC, iTv… and Salford University’s new campus is proudly located next to them.

Christmas is coming to town. Wish all of u a very merry Christmas with friends and family.

IMG_9146 IMG_8458 IMG_8516

Grüezi aus Switzerland

Hi! I am currently doing my exchange semester here in Switzerland. So far so good –  I have really enjoyed my time here. I still have a bit less than two weeks left and after Christmas I will return here for my exam period.

I am living in Winterthur, which is a city right next to Zurich. Here they have many campuses of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).  My school has been taking good care of exchange students and international office is ready to help with non-school matters as well.

The level of teaching is high, but in return a lot is demanded for students as well.  Here group works are popular as well and in every course there is at least one group project to do. One period equals one semester so the exams in January cover one semester of studying. School is also organizing a lot of interesting activities at school like ASEAN diplomats visit and different guest speakers from companies like Tommy Hilfiger etc.

Even though school takes a lot of time on weekends there is good time for the big variety of activities available in Switzerland. I have been doing great hiking trips in the mountains and below you can check pictures if you like.  For example the mountain views in Lugano and Appenzelli were just amazing! Train connections cover all country so it is really easy to discover sights here in Switzerland. The location of Switzerland is perfect for discovering other European countries as well.

Switzerland is country of chocolate and cheese. I visited Olma trade show for agricultural goods that was arranged in St. Gallen. There was a large variety of traditional foods available. … and the legendary pig race! 🙂

.IMG_8078 IMG_8199IMG_8176