Autumn in Porto


I spend my autumn in Porto, the second largest city of Portugal. Porto is located northern part of the country in coastline. Porto is surrounded by water; in the west side is Atlantic Ocean and in the south is the Douro river.  In the district of Porto is living about 1,5 million people. Porto is famous about the portwine, which is produced there along the riverside of Douro. Me and my friends made a trip to see how they do it..

View from Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia, otherside of Douro river.
Wiew from the bridge to old part of the Porto; Ribeira.
View from Gaia to Porto and the boats in Douro
The famous bridge Ponta de Dom Luís I
Harvesting the grapes
Wine plantations in Douro Valley

Porto has warm atmosphere and people are friendly. The weather is chancing rapidly because of the affect of the Ocean; in one moment it is completely blue sky and sun is shining and suddenly the sky is full of clouds and it starts to rain. During the autumn when the summer sun start to fade away, couple days it was raining a lot. So much that even if you have umbrella, it would be the same be outside without it. It is very windy also, so it is common to see a lots of broken umbrellas around the city after a rainy day. But most of the time the weather was pleasant.

I have been doing practical training there in the Hospital. I have realize that the hospital environment is actually quite the same as in Finland, but of course there are some differences. Most of the patients don’t speak English with me, but it has been nice to notice that everyone are still very nice to me and don’t mind that I’m taking part of their treatment.

I have been traveling around the Portugal as much as possible and my dream was when I came here to travel to Azores. And I did it and it was amazing place! It was mixture of great new people, beautiful hiking trails in amazing nature; many of the trails were inside the cater, whale watching in the Ocean, relaxing in hot springs under the sky full of stars…

IMG_6726 IMG_6823 IMG_6938 IMG_6998 IMG_7038 IMG_6867

Portugal is amazing place and I will definitely go back there, I didn’t see enough yet!

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