I have improved my German language skills here even though I’m using English all the time. The lectures are all in German so I haven’t understood much of anything. Luckily, I have an ArchiCAD course and learning through the software is a bit easier.

I have been curious of checking the local construction sites. It’s interesting to see them develop. From what I have seen the construction is done way more on site than in Finland. But I have also seen some prefabricated units been lifted up with not so safe equipment. Sometimes I try to detect safety failures such as missing hard hats when passing construction sites.

In the English language courses I have met first year students from civil engineering. There is surprisingly many women which is really nice since I’m used to having just one female classmate in TAMK.

I have met lot of really polite and very good mannered men in here. Poor guys, since it seems many young women are arrogant idiots. One cultural difference that seems weird to a Finn is that everybody is rushing into trains and trams and busses instead of waiting peacefully and letting e.g. seniors and children go first.

CAM00223[1]Grünkohl mit Kohlwurst

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