From Eindhoven

10836557_10205000648228475_1843501690_nMy international internship takes place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Eindhoven is the birth place of Philips and it shows. Asks anyone what they do for a living and it has something to do with Philips and/or engineering. It’s the city of light. Even my internship was about Philips lighting products.

The city is about the size of Tampere but with a lot more people and a lot more foreigners. I was lucky enough to get a room just in the city center. Even though me and my room mate spotted a mouse once, I am pretty happy about the location.10933062_10205000648108472_1042899734_n

Eindhoven doesn’t offer much for tourists (expect a Philips museum…) but I’ve enjoyed my time here and I would recommend visiting the city. Plus, if you get bored, Amsterdam is only 1 hour 20 minutes away!

Doe doei!


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