Hälsningar från Malmö!


Greetings from Malmö, Sweden!

The weather here is terrible most of the time but luckily good friends always save the day! I’m living in a student house and I’m sharing a kitchen with 27 other people from all over the world. Sometimes it’s getting on the nerves when there’s so many people sharing the kitchen but on the other hand that’s where you get to know people. These are the people I’m spending most of my time with.

At school people have been really nice too but the program I’m studying in is not so good. I have learned a lot of Swedish which was my main goal. But I haven’t learned so much new stuff when it comes to light design or theatre production. Practically everything we do here is group work with instruction “do something in the group and we’ll see on Friday what you have done”.

Around 0:58 you can see “the Swedish way of groupworking”. First it was a bit hard to adapt this method but I’m slowly getting used to it…


I use my spare time with my new friends and in the gym. It was a good idea to get the gym card because it’s keeping me active and I can go to sauna whenever I want! In the beginning it was also a really good way to learn to know my new friends better when we had something to do together. And of course one great plus is what regular exercising does to one’s body!

I still have few weeks left and I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can! I’m already dreaming of another exchange period which hopefully would be somewhere bit further than Sweden. I really hope the weather is getting better for my last weeks!

Puss och kram,

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