Spanglish and tapas

Greetings from sunny Spain, Madrid!

Madrid is very full of life, all the local people have returned from holidays and everywhere is crowded! Even metro trips to university and back go by quick watching all the people chatting in different languages and reading books. Everyone reads books in metro in Madrid!

University is keeping us students very busy with many projects and midterm exams. All my classes are in English but on lunch breaks we practice our Spanglish with other students. There are students from all over the world and it has been interesting to hear from everyone’s cultures and home universities.

Madrid is full of things to see and full of foods to try! There is so many restaurants and all of them full of groups of friends and families enjoying dinner or lunch or just having drinks. When ever we have time with other students, we try to go to new places to try tapas or sightseeing, sometimes joining some tourist groups and snapping few photos.

There are also many organisations, like ESN for example, taking care of us students, trying to show us the local culture and other cities and activities. We have visited already few small cities, one amusement park and participated some student events. We also got to try local tapas on tapas round and eat giant paella in the former capital of Spain, Toledo.

Too bad there isn’t enough time to see and experience everything in Madrid.. Looks like I have to come back for a visit later! Even though it is sunny in Madrid and many good friends, it is nice to come back home to see the Finnish winter, to see real Finnish nature and go to sauna!


(ps. attached few photos of the Vicalvaro university and tapas places)



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