Greetings from Austria! :)


So I have been studying music and flute here in Austria since 17th of September 2014. The city where I’m staying is called Graz and it’s the second biggest city in Austria after Vienna. It’s a bit funny though because compared to Vienna it’s really small. I haven’t even bought a public transport ticket because I’m walking everywhere. It’s so small.

I arrived to Graz one week before the school started  so I had some time to go around and get to know the city a bit. There has been a lot to see and hear and now I’ll try to share some of it with you.

One of the first things I experienced was Schlossberg in the middle of the city of Graz. It was a nice start because from there I could see the whole city.


Graz is a city with a mix of old and new. There is the old Schlossberg and then the modern “Friendly alien” modern art museum that you might also spot from the previous photo.

The same way is with our school. Our school has many different buildings. For example in the next photo there is MUMUTH (red building) which is a Place for all our orchestra rehearsals and some concerts. Inside there is also the most modern concert hall in the world. On it’s right side is Palais Meran which is one of the older buildings of our university. The second photo is taken from a concert saal, Florentinersaal, inside the Palais Meran.


This is the main street of Graz, Herrengasse, where the shopping happens. There is also a huge amount of smaller and bigger cafeterias and restaurants. 🙂 This photo was taken in December and it reminded me of Tampere with all the christmas lights above the street.


Also the theme cafe for the traditional sachertorte can be found in Herrengasse.


I feel like Graz is a city of music. There is all kinds of music everywhere. There is the amazing operahouse and then so many small music cafes and one of my favourites is the Theater cafe which is really a meeting Place for the music students. Every thursday there is a late night jam in this Place and everybody who wants can go on stage, play some jazz and show what they’ve got. The atmosphere in this Place is just awesome! The jazz culture is important in Graz and the music school is here was the first school ever where people could really study jazz music.


It’s been great in here beeing surrounded By all the music and culture. Time has gone really fast and now I will concentrate on getting the most of the last weeks in here.



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