Greetings from Thailand!

Hello! Its been a great time here in Thailand. I work in a Finnish diving company Raya Divers.  I am living in the small island, Racha Yai. It is about 6 km long and it is absolutely like a paradise. Here lives only 100 local people.

This is a Muslim island so here is not any dogs or you cant order any pork dishes.  Blue water, white beach and sun, what else could i wish for. Most of the time the weather is perfect and heat is sufficient. People are so warm and helpful. Smile is a big part of this country and I am not surprised why it is called a land of smiles.


First time in my life i got a change to try diving. And it was awesome. I did open water diver and Advanced open water diver courses. All my work tasks related to diving. I do also different kind of office works, selling, diving equipment’s washing and preparing and working as a snorkeling guide. Days are long about 9-11 h per day, but it is not always so hectic and i get a change to take it easy sometimes so it is not that hard. So I could say I feel good in here.



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