Groeten uit Holland!

 Greetings from Holland! 

Lomogram_2015-01-23_05-11-17-PMIt’s been a crazy journey and the time flew by so fast. It feels like just yesterday I arrived to Breda Centraal Station with my three suitcases and a back bag. The last 5 months were definitely memorable; Breda and all the people I met during my stay there will always have a place in my heart.

I followed the International Business Operations -exchange degree program in Avans Hogeschool, which is located quite close to Breda city center. The distance from my apartment to Avans was around 2 kilometers, so the trip to school took less than 10 minutes by bike.

I was surprised how strict the teachers and the school system was compared to Finland. The pace we were going with the school books was insane, considering the books had several hundred pages and we had a lot of courses. However, in a way it was good for me since I really had to kick myself to work harder.

Breda is a beautiful old fortress town bordering Belgium. It is around 1,5 – 2 hour drive away from both Amsterdam and Brussels. There are a few universities and colleges in the area so there are a lot of students living in Breda. And despite being a relatively small place there is still a lot going on; student parties and events were organized all the time by student unions or private persons.


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