Hello from Manchester, England!

For those who are without a clue where I am, Manchester is one of the biggest cities in England. My own believe is that the larger the place, the easier it is to get to know. Here are so many places to see, things to do and fun people you can mingle with.  If you get bored eith the city life, around Manchester there are also a lot of different types of historical places, beautiful nature and interesting smaller towns, like York. Even Wales and Scotland are only a-few-hour train ride away! I visited Scotland while my week off and absolutely loved it! Here is a picture of Loch Ness, unfortunately without the monster, Nessie. If you like gorgeus sceneries, funny accents and fascinating cities, than Scotland is the place to be!


If you like football, go to England. Football in England is not a sport, it is religion! Once in England pay a little respect for their heritage and beliefs and go to see a football match. The atmosphere, the songs, the game, the crowd…it is a must experience when visiting the origin on football hooliganism. I went to enjoy a match with my friend and must go again the next in England. Of course a British CURRY dinner afterwards is a must.


And yes, I have studied too. I have finished my first placement working with district nurses. I really enjoyed my time working with them and made few good friends too. I learned a lot about English houses and living customs and got to meet some very interesting locals.

Now I will keep spinning the Manchester wheel and on to my next placement in the Children’s hospital! 🙂



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