My lovely ruined Budapest

Budapest is beautiful in its own weird ruined way. I have totally fell in love with the city and people I’ve met there. During my stay I have gone way out of my comfort zone, studying in an art school, doing independent projects all by myself and trying all these new things: Ceramics, media art, editing and even wrestling.  Studying in Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design is very different from what I’ve used to do. I’m free to do almost everything I want as a school project, but also I miss the group projects and the teamwork I’ve experienced in TAMK.

The most important school project I did in MOME was a research of vintage shop owners in Budapest. In Hungary I learned that I want to open my own vintage shop one day. Vintage and second hand in Budapest is affordable and there is a huge variety of different shops. This gave me a spark to start my own second hand clothing business.

During my spare time I travelled for example Belgrade, Berlin and London. Travelling from Budapest is very easy and cheap, there are so many countries close to Hungary that are worth visiting. I also enjoyed the art galleries, thermal baths, concerts, restaurants and the wide range of interesting ruing bars.

Now I have friends around the world and memories I will never forget. I feel more relaxed and confident because of my experience. I would recommend it to everyone!

Puszi, szia,



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