Bielefeld, football and traveling

I started my exchange studies in September 2014 in Bielefeld, Germany. After first days of getting used to use english studies and living in Bielefeld has gone pretty well. Biggest difference in studies has been that teachers demand more respect and quiet class rooms than in Finland. Also our university as a building is not nothing like in Finland. In University of Bielefeld you can find post office, restaurant, book shop, bakery, döner place and swimming hall.

alkuvaihto 021-001

Bielefeld is nice, peaceful and safe city but it is also a little bit boring. Usually we spend our free time just going out for coffee or beer. For me the most interesting free time is to go for football games. DSC Arminia Bielefeld plays in 3. Bundesliga and there is much better atmosphere than in Finland. I have also watched Bundesliga and Champions league games. So for football fan Germany has been good choice.

Arminia peli


Because Bielefeld is little boring, I have travelled lot for example in Köln, Hannover, Berlin, Wien and Budapest. So I have spend time in trains and busses. But it has been worth it!


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