‘ay up me duck!

That’s the only Derby thing I’ve learned so far. And obviously Angelina Jolie is using that also (and she’s not even from here).


Anyhow, I arrived here on 9th of January on extremely windy day (I heard just today that it’s only windy here in Derby because of the landscape. Weird.) My journey went very well and I used the ‘meet and greet’ service which the University of Derby offered.  I met one Finnish girl at the Heathrow Airport and she was also coming to Derby! She’s from Vaasa University of applied sciences and studies health services, but I didn’t expect here to be any Finns so I’m very pleased. First days was all about arranging things and getting used to british weather and traffic etc. And of course meet new international friends!

IMG_6654 IMG_6587

Our school isn’t huge. Something like 20 000 students (2xTAMK). And it doesn’t look like Hogwarts like I expected. Oh that misery. But the teachers are very good and they know what they are talking about. And I highly recommend everybody to choose some international courses if possible, because that’s a very good way to connect and get maybe future job possibilities! And you’re not the only one speaking funny language there. And you get used to Chinese people laughing at you when you say there’s somethin’ like 5 million people in Finland.

And that Harvard refrencing thing. That’s very important thing here, so.

I’m living in the Halls of University. I have to say that my expectations weren’t high but I have found this quite convenient! I’m living with one British guy, two Brazilian girls and one Indian girl. Quite mixed but we get along nicely. We share kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Big thing here is the weather. You’ll never know what you gonna get. One moment it may be bright sunny and in a next moment it might be pouring.

But maybe thats the fun part of it! At least there’s always something to talk about.




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