Bordeaux, love at first sight!

Bordeaux is a port city in southwestern France. It is the capital of the Aquitane region and also the world’s major wine industry capital. The historic part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its several historical monuments, 18th-century architectural buildings and arts. As the title says, for me Bordeaux was love at the first sight! This city is incredibly beautiful. I can just walk around in the city center and admire the scenery. There is so many lovely cafes and restaurants everywhere, cute little streets and squares in the old town, the river Garonne.. So much beauty around!IMG_7903




I started my journey here in France, Bordeaux, at the beginning of January. So, now I have been here over two and a half month. It means that I have already spent half of my exchange time and the time has gone really fast. In my opinion, too quickly. I am not ready to go home! I have enjoyed my time here. I have met lot of new wonderful people from all over the world and made some really close new friends. I have traveled a lot, for example, to Canary Islands, Paris, Barcelona, Toulouse..

Canary Island



Name of my school is Kedge Business School. The school offers classes to exchange students in different business field, such as finance, marketing, HRM, entrepreneurship etc. They have courses in English and French at the bachelor or master levels. I have only classes thaught in English. I have liked studying here and I have experienced it useful to learn subjects of my own field in English. I also like our school building which have been built one year ago.


My spare time here I spend with my friends, enjoying the food and wine and traveling around. We have visited at many Wine Chateaus and wine tastings, visited the ballet at Grande Théâtre and every sunday we go to the local outdoor market. And of course we have lot of Erasmus parties.

Oysters at the market

Maison du vin

Now it is time to enjoy and to take all the joy out of the remaining time here!



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