¡Saludos desde España!


Greetings from Benalmádena, Spain. Benalmádena is a town in the provence of Málaga and it is situated approximately 12 kilometers to the west. It is easy to come here from the airport because the local train, Renfe, goes through the airport and it takes about 20 minutes to arrive. Benalmádena is eight most populous municipality in the province. Here you can meet a lot of people from different countries e.g. finnish, swedish and british. Most of them though are elderly people that have come to live here escaping the cold months of their home countries.  But also tourism flourishes and  there are lot’s of destinations with leisure facilities like an amusement park, a caple car and one of the largest marinas of Andalusia.

Marina of Benalmadena

So far I’ve been in to two different practical training places. The first one was Bonilla fisioterapi which is located in Fuengirola. And the other one that I am currently practising is Clinica Sohail and it is also in Fuengirola. Those two places are quite the same and the physiotherapy is mostly manual and physical treatments e.g. shockwaves, ultrasound, laser.. So it differs quite a lot of from finnish physiotherapy which is more advicing, correcting posture and giving excersices. The plan is to try to get people to help themselves. In Spain the treatment’s make the patients more passive because the therapist does all the work. But it is all though nice to see how the physiotherapy is in different country.

The language used in here is mostly spanish but you can manage with english. Some patients speak english but most of Spanish people can only say their name or something similar. Luckily the instructores in those practical trainig places can speak fairly good english so one can understand what the patients problem is. I am trying to learn spanish but I have noticed that it takes quite a lot of time. So patience, patience…

From the Calamorro mountin, Las Aguilas: falconry show

So far we haven’t travelled arround that much with my classmate Linda. We have just tried to get to know the town of Benalmádena and also Fuengirola. One time we have went to the mountain Calamorro with the caple car and watched a falconry show. The bird were amazing and I got the hold one falcon for a moment. Picture above :). In the upcoming weeks we have planned to go to Madrid and a town called Nerja and maybe somewhere else also. It isn’t so serious if one doens’t have plans. Just relax and enjoy the “show”! But looking forward to see what Spain has to offer still.

From the top of the Calamorro.
From the breakwater.


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