Magical city of Barcelona

Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain, the population of the city is around 1,6 million, and the population of the metropolitan area is around 5 million. Barcelona is the capital of autonomous community of Catalonia and is located at the Mediterranean sea, northeastern Spain.

I had been in Barcelona for vacation three times before moving here and therefore I was quite familiar with the city, I fell in love with the city when I first came here. When I moved here it felt unreal and I was beyond excited.

From the airport I came straight to my new home that I had arranged beforehand. I live with one girl from England and one boy from Italy, I couldn’t hope for better flat mates! They both are super nice and I have met a lot of people because of them.

I came to Barcelona to do an internship for a startup travel agency. I am doing social media marketing as well as writing a corporate blog for the company. There are around 15 interns in the company which is awesome, we have a young, international and relaxed atmosphere at the office!

I have now been here for two months and I have had a chance to travel to Girona, Montserrat and Valencia. Since Barcelona itself has a lot to offer it’s also nice to stay here during the weekends, you can always find things to do and see. The city is very international and compared to other cities in Spain it’s the least Spanish one, in my opinion.

Things I love about Barcelona: You will not get bored ever, it’s sunny almost everyday, the international atmosphere, amazing restaurants, happy people, limitless opportunities and the beach of course!

I have my personal blog as well, if you are interested you can find it from here!

Above some pictures of the beginning of my adventure in this magical city!

jbjbkSome of my workmates

IMG_0138Valencia during the festival called Las Fallas


Eating Paella with a friend


Arc de Triumf, Barcelona


A view over the city, from Búnker del Carmel 





IMG_9782With the flatmates


Biking on the beach boulevard

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