Pozdrav z Prahy!

You just have to love Czech Republic, the country where not only the beer is cheaper than water but there is something new and exiting to do for every day. Brno, Tábor, České Budějovice, Český Krumlov , Písek, Kutná Hora… If you somehow get sick of the capital city Prague just pack your backpack and travel around the country, that is just what I am doing during the weekends.


I visited Kutná Hora’s famous bone church last week

Weekdays are passing by with school and  assignments such as trying to learn at least basics of the language. After lessons I usually meet my friends from Czech and other countries and have a beer (or two) and do some activities like laser tag, bowling, movies etc.  So far my favourite thing has been just wandering around the city and marvel the beauty of Prague.


The view from Prague castle is amazing, in the backround you can see the Žižkov tv-tower, I live just under it.


Life is sometimes really hectic in a city of 1,2 milj. inhabitans but luckily there are some places you can go and enjoy the nature like Bílá Hora which is the highest part of Prague


You can not only see hippos in the Prague zoo but some other places too, Prague always surprises you

IMG_3503The other side of Prague with Vltava

So far I have enjoyed every moment here and I know I will also enjoy the three more months I have left in Czech Republic.

From sunny Prague: Iida

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