Pure dead brilliant

Hello! Hou ar ye? A’m nae bad masell. In other words, hope you’re doing fine, because I am doing well indeed. I’m on my exchange in Paisley, Scotland, just on Glasgow’s doorstep. I have had the most marvellous experience here! People are really nice, warm-hearted and sincere. Scots don’t care what anybody else thinks of them, and that is one of the many aspects that make them so loveable. I’ve been chuffed about almost everything here, except maybe the weather that can change from sunshine to storming wind and monsoon rain in about 5 seconds (broke two umbrellas until I decided they were useless). And as a nursing student it does bug me that the nurses here have no idea what ‘sterile’ really means.

Paisley. Reminds me of Salo, such a tiny quiet town.
Glasgow Necropolis, one of the most beautiful cemeteries I've ever seen.
Glasgow Necropolis, one of the most beautiful cemeteries I’ve ever seen.

Before coming here I thought my English was alright and I wasn’t that afraid of the Scottish accent. But believe me, it’s even harder in real life than on TV. Scots speak dead quickly and half of the words they use are unique to Scotland or even to the town the person’s from. Accents can be completely different in towns just two miles apart! Sometimes the manner of speech almost makes you laugh out loud, but you just cannot not love it.

Sceneries are unbelievable here, especially for someone from the flattest parts of Finland.

Clencoe. We were driving along the same road James Bond drives in ‘Skyfall’.


The West coast and the best weather the whole Spring!
The West coast and the best weather the whole Spring!


Old castles are a thing here.
There are hundreds of lochs in Scotland – but only one lake. This here is Loch Lomond.

I haven’t missed home since the first evening here. I would stay if it was possible. My heart will definitely stay here with the drizzle, endless fields of sheep and the friendliest people I’ve ever known.





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