The city of seven bridges, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I have now been six weeks in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the United Kindgom and from the very beginning I have felt myself like home. People are so friendly, weather is really nice most of the times and food is a little bit cheaper than in Finland. And oh I love Primark. It’s like H&M in Finland but a lot cheaper and because of that I may have some problems with my luggage when I come back to Finland.

I have never lived in shared flat before and I remember how shocked I was when security guard in the middle of the night showed me my room and left me there alone. The other four rooms were still empty. I remember thinking that I am never going to adjust in here. But after few weeks I really started to like my room and every day it feels more like mine. After the first week I finally got roommates, three spanish girls, and it has been very interesting to learn more about Spain, even though sometimes life together is hard because of different cultures.

The weather has really suprised me. I thought, and everyone else also in Finland said to me, that it is going to be raining almost everyday. Well it took seven days before it rained for the first time and it wasn’t even a proper rain. Now in the last few weeks it has been raining more often but still only one or twice a week. I haven’t even bought an umbrella yet! Wind is very cold in here and that is the reason why you may need to use a winter coat in here even though it feels funny because grass is so green and you can see flowers blooming everywhere. And it’s funny to see people walking in the streets wearing maybe a winter coat but then they are wearing summer shoes. But on the days when sun is shining it almost feels like a summer and I am really looking forward to see Newcastle in May!

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Here is a lot of things to see in Newcastle. Newcastle is known of its seven bridges which go over the Tyne river to Gateshead. The Angel of the North is a sculpture who is seen by 33 million people annually. It is 20 metres high and its wing span is 54 metres. If you travel 30 minutes in metro you get to go to the coast of the North Sea. There are for example many beaches, lighthouses and castles. European’s most biggest shopping centre is in Gateshead, only seven minutes travel by train from Newcastle. There is 330 stores and besides restaurants, coffee shops, cinema and bowling alley.

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Map of all the stores in the shopping mall
kuva 3 20
Angel of the North
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The Millenium bridge is beatiful in the evening light!

I am a nursing student and Iam doing my parctical trainings here in two hospitals. It has been very interesting to see how health care works in here and I feel so proud of Finland and my teaching in TAMK because like Jenni before me said, based on what I have seen, nurses in here do not know for example how to put sterile gloves on. I have seen how a student puts sterile gloves on and how a staff nurse does it and I felt like I want to cry! So I really now understand and appreciate better many things as a nurse and I am very happy how we take care of people in Finland. But I really like how the working uniforms looks in here, especially dresses with black stocking and black shoes. I want to wear a dress too!

At the last thing I read from the internet before I came here and which I have seen is not true – shops do not close at 5pm. Primark usually closes at 8pm and one big supermarket in Gateshead is open every day but on Sunday at 10pm.

I have seven weeks left in here and I don’t really know how I am feeling about that. On the other hand it would be nice to come backhome but I haven’t seen enough yet and I have really enjoyed my time in here.

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