The City of Students!


I have lived almost one month in an affordable student town, Tartu. It is the second largest city of Estonia and lies on the banks of the River Emajõgi “Mother river”. Tartu is a university town and a city of youths for sure!

I live in student hostel Nooruse 5, which is next to Tartu´s Health Care College and only 10 minutes walk from the hospital. I really like my dorm. I have two nice balconies, a little cute kitchen and a free gym downstairs. By bus it takes about 10 minutes to go downtown.

Tartu city has many shopping centers, science centers, museums, parks and sport place where to go. But I just like the old town with its richness of all the wonderful cafes, bars and theaters.

Town Hall Square is the heart of Tartu. In the middle of the Square stays one of the greatest symbols of the city, the statue of kissing students. It is a good meeting place with the friends. In free time we go and have a nice cheap lunch in one of the old town´s restaurants. Eating outside is not expensive, you can get a big pasta or pizza for 3 euros almost everywhere.


I´m doing my practical training in Vascular Surgical Department in Tartu University Hospital. I have had chance to see many different operations and it´s been surprisingly to see how the doctors pay attention to me also and try to explain all the time what they are doing. Most of the nurses don´t speak English at all so I have had to learn some Estonian. I can already follow quite well what the nurses are talking about but my own talking is still bad.

Tartu University Hospital and Heath Care College next to the Student Hostel.




2 thoughts on “The City of Students!

  1. Hi!
    Me and my friend are going this summer to Tartu to do some clinical practise in the same hospital that you did your practise. I was wondering if you have any contact informations about this hostel on Nooruse 5. I was looking for these informations for some time but still no luck. I would be really greatfull for your help.

  2. Hey!
    I go to Tartu in a month, and I also plan on staying in this hostel. what kinda rooms are there? double/single?

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