Sunshine and x-rays in Portugal

Greetings from Faro!

I spend my practical training period in sunny Portugal. The first month I lived in a city called Portimao which is popular among tourists. There is a beautiful beach where is great to enjoy warm days off from work. I have got Portuguese friends because of my local room mates and it has been fun to get to know their way of life. I have found out that Portuguese people are very friendly and they like to party.

Praia Da Rocha
Centro Hospitalar do Barlavento Algarvio
Farewell dinner in Portimao

I had one week holiday at Easter and I traveled to Lisbon. The capital of Portugal is very old and beautiful. The specialty of Portuguese buildings are decorated tile walls. I have tasted many Portuguese traditional foods like codfish and Pastel de Nata. People usually drink wine at dinner. Local people love small and strong coffee.

Pastel de Nata
Decorated tile walls

I perform the remaining part of my practical training in hospital of Faro. I live in a private apartment with my student friend. The rent is 190 euros for a room per month. Electricity is very expensive but luckily it is included. It was a surprise how cold it is inside the houses! I had to wear three layers of clothes for the first month but now it’s getting warmer. I’m glad the summer is coming.

As a radiographer student I work at radiology department and do for example conventional x-rays, CT scans, mammography and MRI examinations. I have also participated in surgeries and it has been very fascinating. It is quite different compared to Finland that medical staff is allowed to wear jewelries and keep their hair open at work. In Portugal the pace of work is much slower than in Finland, too. For example we are allowed to sleep at the night shifts and go out to have some fresh air during the work day 🙂



– Anna-Sofia

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