The Netherlands, feels like home

I have found it extremely easy to adapt to the Dutch culture and after staying here for eight months the Netherlands feels like home already. Why has it been so easy to feel comfortable in this small country? I think the main reason for that is the people. The Netherlands is full of open-minded people from all over the world and both the culture and the values are actually very similar to Finnish culture and values.

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First I did my study exchange in the lovely medieval city, Utrecht. After that I really wanted to stay in this country and decided to do my internship here as well. Finally I got an internship in the company located in Eindhoven, which meant that had to move to a bit smaller city.

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I was both nervous and excited before starting this internship! However, soon after moving to Eindhoven and starting to work at Any Lamp I noticed that I don’t have worry at all. Everyone was eager to help and easy-going. I was relieved. We actually spend a lot of free time together with the colleagues and if someone needs help, people are always eager to help.

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All in all life in the Netherlands is a pleasant experience and I’m sure I’m going to miss the country and the cities when I leave from here. I haven’t only gained good international experience but also lots of new friends and memories! I definately have to come back one day!

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