Lost in Bruges! Found in Belgium!

Here I am! Passed the half way mark of my exchange period! The time has gone surprisingly fast even from the beginning, much to my surprise. I expected it going past like a snail, but every day seems to have fewer and fewer of hours to do things around here. Yes, our studies keep us busy. I study here in BBC which means Bruges Business Class, which is partially different than what I do in Finland, as I study hotel and restaurant management. My class composes fully of Erasmus exchangees, but we do share some classes with the Belgian students as well.

Our school
The VIVES university from outside

The City is absolutely amazing and the beautiful buildings are astonishing. Within a course of Hotel visits we got the only 5 star hotel in Flanders, called the Duke’s palace hotel. The hotel was amazing and really honored the cities heritage and old styled building. The course here are very interesting and informative. My own favorite is the Taste of Belgium, in which the teachers teach us about Belgian chocolate, Beer, dishes, fashion and sport. Its a nice theoretical way of getting to know their culture and the meaning behind it.

Putting the learnings to test!

The Spring is in full speed here and many flowers are already blooming. We just had our two week vacation during which I came to compare the weather of Finland to the one in Belgium. It’s really nice that the summer is already shining and you can dress up lighter. There are already incoming our final exams in some courses. The end seems to come too fast!

WP_20150421_002 WP_20150421_003

Greeting back to Finland to all my teachers! I got to meet some familiar teachers from Salford and Finland today, and it’s always funny to freshen up memories of another schooltrip within another “schooltrip”. I’m sure that this won’t be my last time in Bruges, and with the connections gotten from here, I’m sure that I’m also welcome in other countries as well. 😀

Happy Vappu to all! (they have it here too)

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