Surprisingly sunny! – An Exchange in the UK

Here I am, studying in the University of Salford. Time goes surprisingly fast here, and why not? The weather is sunny and warm most of the time and it’s sumemr already, while Finland is just getting rid of it’s snow.

What to tell? Time goes fast when you’re somewhere else, faster than you’d expect! First you get used to a new country, then you find yourself trying to see and experience everything, then you look back and notice that time’s flying faster than you are. DSC_0032

Time can fly even in the countryside

The studies here are slightly different than they are back home, different ways to turn in assignments for example, but the difference was smaller than I’d expected. I have to say I’m impressed by the amount of help you get from the teachers if you have any difficulties. That goes for all the staff of the school, they really make things go as smoothly as possible.

The first thing you’re getting to know is probably the other exchange students. All the internationals hang together from the beginning, have good time together and explore the city. I live in a house with only international students from all around and it’s pretty awesome to get to know so many people all around the world. The architechture is different than finnish architecture is, and cities are nice places to just get lost for a day and see what you can find.


maybe you’ll even find a house built on a bridge

The nature is different in a nice way too. Less forests, but more hills, and more animals. Many locals have suggested hiking around might be a good idea around here. There should be a lot of beautiful sights and areas to explore. We were visiting in a local national park and it’s falls and forests were certainly worth visiting.


UK in springtime. nice.

This place is definitely worth seeing and spending time in. Try it out!


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