Sunny Days and traveling for a change

So yeah, spring’s here in the UK and weather is getting warmer and less rainy so it’s more appropriate time to shoot some photos for a blog post and so on.


So to start off, the city of Salford where I happen to live looks somewhat like this now that the sun dares to come out after a long and chilly winter.2015-04-07 14.44.33 HDR

I had plenty of free time on Easter so I had a good excuse to leave my apartment in Castle Irwell for a while and head for Salford Quays, where you can also find MediaCity and local BBC HQ. That was also the place where I was assumed to go to study but that assumption was apparently quite wrong as I’m studying in Adelphi building. Too bad though. I wouldn’t mind having scenery like this everyday right outside of my uni.2015-04-06 13.48.54

I also went to visit Manchester United stadium in Old Trafford. There you could buy any merchandise with United emblems. Even golf balls, that I was just about to buy to my uncle.

2015-04-06 13.26.212015-04-06 13.26.59

Then I went to visit Manchester Piccadilly and surroundings. There you can shop till you drop of that’s your cup of tea and I didn’t really mind just walking around and sightseeing. They even have a ferris wheel there, although it spins for quite a hefty price so I skipped that one and marched onwards.

2015-04-08 11.50.03 HDR

During that week I took a bus to visit Trafford Centre, which is quite a sight for a mall. The founder of that place has had quite an expensive taste when creating this palace but I’m sure it’s worth every penny as you walk around there just for the fun of it and the actual shopping feels extra.

2015-04-09 11.13.01 HDR

After my little tour it was time to come back to my little and earthly Salford. It’s not all bad though, because there are some quite impressive buildings in there and in general the building style differs quite a lot of what you encounter in Finland. Somehow they just leave rubbish a bit everywhere and it looks quite depressing in gray weather.

2015-04-07 11.20.41 2015-04-07 13.37.14

So yeah, I’m doing good. Studies go well and all the assignments should be in time for the submissions. All the assignments are portfolio based with one exception of a presentation that I already held so I’m good with that and I don’t have to sweat with exams or anything like that. There’s still some time for me to return to Finland but honestly I’m waiting for it already. It’s not that I dislike it here but being here for a full year is quite enough for me.


– Sami


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