Paris, la ville très magnifique !

Paris is awesome!
Time in here has passed so fast in here, too fast actually. Now it’s almost time to go home and good opportunity for me to inform how my life here has passed by so far.



Like I said in my title, Paris is so beautiful! Especially now with all the beautiful colors in the trees. This spring has been really good in here. Temperature has been in some weeks over 20 degrees, almost 26 degrees in some days. I have had an opportunity to spend an early summer here few weeks ago. Of course this semester has been filled with bad days too. Paris has shown it’s worst side also, with lot of rain and cloudy days. But even in those rainy days the city has been great.

This city has been full of possibilities. There is something new to see everyday. I feel that this time has been too short for explore all these possibilities that this city has to offer. I wish that my exchange would’ve last the whole year, not just a one short semester. But on the other hand it will be nice to come back in here and still have something new to see.

So even though this city is full of things to see and explore, I have traveled little bit around Paris and France. I’ve been glad to had this chance to go and visit all kind of new cities so easily.


This next picture is from Italy, where we visited beautiful lakes in the north. In this trip I totally fell in love to Italy also! Outlook was breathtaking and I will definitely go to visit these lakes again.


Belgia_11.4._8We also visited in Belgium, in Brussels and Bruges. These two cities were totally different but both really nice. I really liked Bruges, because it was an old looking city with nice buildings and canals. Belgium offered awesome waffles and great beer, surprisingly.


This picture is from Bordeaux where my friend is doing her exchange.  I was really surprised about Bordeaux and the fact how nice this city really is. It was full of nice and old buildings, and the atmosphere in there was great. Even though I spent only one short weekend over there, the city started to feel really homelike. This city seemed an excellent choice to do exchange semester in.

After little wine tasting in Bordeaux I went to have some Champagne tasting. This was an organized day trip from Paris to a small city called Epernay to visit some Champagne caves. This whole area near Paris was nice countryside with a lot of different champange manufacturer.

Next weekend I am about to go visit Normandy, which is also near Paris. I hope this trip is going to be as great as all my previous ones.


Life in here has surprised me totally. Paris has felt like home this entire time and I’ve started to feel need to live here later in my life, after my studies. But even though I see France, especially Paris with my love glasses, there is lot of things which could be as easy as it is in Finland. For example all applying or all official duties are made in old-fashion way. I mean made by paperwork. Some things are managed way more difficult than in Finland, and that makes me confused time to time. It feels like every company are as difficult to function with as KELA in Finland is.

School in here has been quite normal compared to TAMK. All lessons has been provided in English, which is good thing for me. My French is not in so good level to understand lessons. Most of my classes are international classes, so there is no french people participating. But still I have few classes with french people also, and those aren’t the nicest ones. In these classes the teacher can in some point start to speak French for the native speakers, and then I get all lost. But luckily this rarely happens.

But still I’m really happy of my choice to apply to Paris. It’s been the best decision so far!

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