Hi from Southampton, UK!

Greetings from united kingdom, Southampton. Best known as the harbor where Titanic left 100 years ago. Weather here is not as bad as people say, actually it’s been far more warm and sunny than I can ever remember Finland is.

I can’t say a single bad thing about my exchange in uk so far, its been wonderful and educating. I really enjoy my courses and the teachers are very supportive and know their things. In the beginning it felt I might have learned faster in one week than in a month back at home.

If I could stay longer I would without a doubt do it. Only negative thing about living in UK is the prices. Rent is incredibly high for one flat shared with 9 other people, and eating can turn out rather expensive especially now that euros currency is so low.20141028_101949

Every week the main street of Southampton is filler with little market and they sell fresh food and fruits. I even got to go to a live concert in an underground venue which was wonderful. There are many historical landmarks around Southampton which is interesting.


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The city is rather small and calm, theres no big events and a lot going on all the time which suits me perfectly. However the city is located close to many cool places and I can get to london in 2 hours. I’ve also been to Bournemouth and Bristol several times, they are more lively and artistic than Southampton itself. Even made a little trip up north to Edinburgh!


People here are very friendly and very easy to understand, the accent is easy to follow. I have learned some new words during my stay but communicating in general has been easier than expected.

Spring is almost over and its soon summer. Trees have been blooming with flowers and its great time to enjoy all the great parks in Southampton. I will miss this place so much, it really feels like home to me!




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