The View From the River Dee

Hiya from Chester, England!


So the weather here is not as bad as I thought! It’s actually quite sunny and when it rains it’s very light and like a warm summer rain. The wind is very cold though.

Chester is a gorgeous little traditional British town in the border of Wales. The location is actually excellent because trains go straight to Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, North Wales and the lovely London is only 2 hours away. There is also a lot of people from all around England and Wales studying and working here.


I fell in love with Llandudno in Wales.


London was just brilliant.


Birmingham wasn’t really my favourite place but you have to love all those pretty cherry trees!


I have visited Liverpool three times now and it has been quite gloomy and cold each time. Lovely city otherwise! There is a nice combination of old buildings, like the Three Graces in the picture above and some very modern buildings.

I have almost gone through the whole Countess hospital from respiratory ward to a day in ICU to renal unit to endoscopy and theatre & recovery. My final placement here is in community care which I have enjoyed very much so far! Most challenging thing here has been getting all the paperwork done because mentoring isn’t taken very seriously. I have seen and learned a lot anyway and I feel very privileged.

I have 5 incredibly lovely British girls as my roomates who have been so welcoming and I’m going to miss them so much! I hope I can persuade them to come to Finland to visit me.


See ya later!

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