Greatings from Brugge!

Hi you all! Greatings from small pretty town from Belgium. I started my studies here at VIVES on the beginning of February with my friend, and it has been great! We have had lot’s of opportunities to travel around besides our studies and we have met lots of new friends. And, of course, because we are in the land of beers, chocolates and frites, we have tasted lots of them.

Brugge is a beutiful medieval town and the center is UNESCOs World Heritage Site. There have been lots of festivals and happening during our stay here. On our first weeks here we visited the Wintervonken festival and Beer festival. In Wintervonken you had shows all over the town and Beer festival, surprise surprise, had many beer producers showing their broduce. And in this country, there are many.  And the visitors in the festival, there were even more, as you can see.


We have also travelled a lot! We have been in Brussels many times, both as a trourists and also with our courses in school. We visited Brussels with our Comparative Constitutional Law course and European Law  course. With school we visited the European parliament and Palace of Justice. We have also had courses like Presentation skills, Business game and Intercultural Awareness. The courses have been nice, but the hardest ones have been the law courses. You can watch this viedo to get a good idea of what we have been studien.

Besides Brussels we have visited also Antwerp, Gent, Leuven and Rotterdam. And also London on our first holiday. It’s so easy to travel here! It takes only 2 hours in the train to go from Brussels to London. And it’s cheap to travel withing Belgium; 10 trip Go Pass is 50€, and with that you can travel where ever you want inside Belgium. And there’s lots to see. We have only traveled in the cities that are near by, but there would be the whole Walloon region to concure.

And since we are in the land of the best beers in the world, we have had to taste them. The Brugge has itself probably hundreds of bars, restaraurants and pubs, but we have found “our own hole”, T’ Poatersgat. We found that place by accident and basically, we never left. Think about almost barren street. Then you see a hole in the ground, no visible signs and a stairs down to a cellar, what would you do? Well, we wanted to see what was down there and found the most cosiest bar you could imagine and a big beer list. Now the bar owner, who works there always when we’ve visited there knows us by name and asks after us if he hasn’t seen us in a while! So if you come to Brugge, go there! It’s the best place to go. But not just yet! We don’t want it to get too crowded! 😀



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