Oh, the craic was mighty !

When thinking about Ireland, most people think about St Patrick’s Day, Guinness, sheep, leprechauns, red hair and funny accent. And actually, that’s what Ireland is all about.

You could see sheep everywhere

Studying differed quite a lot from what I had used to in TAMK. First of all, the lectures lasted only one hour at a time. We had no breaks in between lectures, so we had to hurry from one to another. Mobile phones or ipads/laptops weren’t allowed (10e fine!) and students had to print a lot of notes and teachers handed many sheets of paper.

Institution of Technology Tralee

Four and a half months went so fast. Tralee is really small but cute town, where everything is near. I didn’t want to spent all of my time staying there, so in my free time I travelled all around Ireland – North, West, South.. The people I met were amazing. I was living with three girls in a student accommodation and even though I was really afraid of that at first, I loved every second of it. Life in Ireland is pretty much the same as in Finland, except the price of the electricity is really high and that’s why apartments are cold. And when I say cold, I mean 3 sweater + 2 sweatpants + woolen stockings cold. They also have separate tabs for hot and cold water which makes sense..


When you got used to rain, you could realise that Ireland is pretty awesome. And to be honest, it didn’t even rain all the time. I never knew I could hike or surf in Ireland. I did hike but saved surfing for the next time since it was freezing.

In my opinion, photos tell more than words so here you are:

Foto 17.03.15 10 30 54
St Patrick’s Day in Dublin
Sunset at the Cliffs of Moher
Foto 17.02.15 11 09 22
Guinness storehouse, Dublin – Learned to pour perfect pint of Guinness!
Wild Atlantic Way – popular driving route
Connemara National Park
Titanic Museum, Belfast

I never thought that there were so many beautiful landscapes in Ireland. And there was something in the cities that makes me want to go back. I am so happy I took part of Erasmus 2015 and spent a semester in Tralee.

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