Adventures in the lowlands!

Hello from Leeuwarden, Holland!

The Netherlands has surprised me with its beauty especially now when the summer is almost here. The never ending green fields and colorful tulips are really something to see. Last week I was traveling from Amsterdam back to Leeuwarden by train and the list of animals I saw on the way was huge: Cows, sheep, a lot of different birds from ducks to eagles, dears, horses and even camels (no, I wasn’t dreaming), the nature is really something unique with its beauty and versatility.






I’m studying in small city in the northern part of Holland called Leeuwarden, it is the capital city of Frisian province. Leeuwarden has everything to offer in order to enjoy yourself: a lot of small cafeterias, nice green parks, good shopping possibilities, active nightlife and a lot of students.



My homestreet in Leeuwarden

Besides studying I have had the change to travel a lot and not only in the Netherlands, but also elsewhere. I have visited a beautiful city called Bryges in Belgium, always so lovely Paris, sunny Barcelona and trendy Brighton in the UK. The travelling is really easy and with train or bus you can get almost everywhere in the Europe.

These four months that I have spent here in Holland have tought me so much. I have met a lot of great people and learned a lot about other cultures and different ways to live. I wouldn’t change anything!

Take care!


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