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Dobrý den! Greetings from Czech Republic

Dobrý den!

Ahoj and greetings from Brno, Czech Republic. Those greetings are pretty much everything I know about Czech language. Difficult language I must say. Otherwise this country is nice, especially its location in Europe. 😉 Everything is cheap; food, travelling and BEER! Before coming here I didn’t like beer but now unfortunately I like it. 

One of the Easter traditions in Czech Republic
One of the Easter traditions in Czech Republic, to drink green beer.

This time has past so fast that it is hard to even understand. I feel like yesterday was 27th of January and now it’s already May. Anyway there has been so much to do and to see. I have met lot of great people. We have been traveling together for several times in Czech Republic and also in neighboring countries. Traveling is so cheap and there are great destinations so near that it’s easy to just go for a weekend trip without any big travel planning.

A turtle from Olomouc, Czech Republic
Castle, Krakow
Street view of Krakow
Sunset in Krakow
Znojmo, Czech Republic
Znojmo, Czech Republic
Schönbrunn, Vienna
Museum of natural history, Vienna


Apple strudel, Vienna
Castle Veveří, Brno Czech Republic
Castle Veveří, Brno Czech Republic

Local international student club ( ISC Brno) has been very active, several events every week. There have been events from small cultural events, such as ballet and opera, to bigger trip events to near cities in the country. And for once again I have to mention that the prices are low ( at least for Finnish students, sponsored by Kela :b)

 Studying here has felt as a secondary thing but if I have to tell something about school I have to say that Professors are qualified, though there aren’t many lessons per week.

I have to say I miss my cats (my children) in Finland but this creature helped me a bit.

My local cat friend <3
My local cat friend <3

Na shledanou!




Buenos tardesta vaan!

Greetings from the sunny Costa del Sol.

My exchangetime in the Spain is coming to end. I have enjoyed my time here, the weather is amazing. Sometimes it’s almost raining here, but the rain is nothing, if you compere it to the rain in Finland. I have been prileged to do my practical training in the Xanit hospital.

vaihto_xanit_kuvaThe hospital is international and i would say that half of it’s people is foreigners. In the last three months i have seen almost every section of the hospital. Operating theater, normal ward and intensive care unit, has been my practical training places. And these months have really opened my eyes. The culture here is quite a different and there is some odd things that they do, and the act can change next time you do it, but that’s how it is Spain! “You are in Spain now”, is the most common sentence, for explaining the odd manners.

Teleférico_Benalmádena_vaihtoThis is cable car that goes in to the mountain called Calamorro, which is in the area of Benalmadena. I recommed everybody to visit Costa del Sol, because it’s beautiful area and you can see the sea almost everywhere. I’m happy that i came in Spain, it has been really good time and i have enjoyed it.

Hasta luego!

Lost in Barcelona, I love it!

Greetings from warm Barcelona! All good here.

Last weekend I went to Plaza Espanya to Montjuic Fountain to see the lightshow.
In the beginning I thought that it’s one of it’s kind, but later I heard that it is arranged every week from thursday to sunday.
The show was great with it’s music and lights. There was a lot of people, and it was really beautiful to sit there on a grass with a group of friends drinking some wine and eating some snacks.


On sunday we went to Holi Color Festival. It was an outdoor event where was live dj, cheap beer and a lot of happy people. The event is free of charge.
The idea of the festival is that everyone should wear white clothes and then you can buy this colourful powder at the festival and thorw it around and on other people’s.
It was amazing. It was one of the best days here.
Though all my clothes that I wore there were ruined by the colours I didn’t care. It was worth it.

Holi Festival
Holi Festival

Not so clean  Holi Festival

Right now is my second week on a community health care center, and its going so good. Though things are sometimes really slow, weird and chaotic over here, I still feel really priveleged to have to opportunity to work in a local hospital and in a community health care. I just love this.

Barceloneta beach.

Somehow my thoughts are on Finland every now and then I still enjoy the last weeks here. I’m going to have it all what it has to offer.

So everything perfect here!

All good.


Greetings from Japan (again)

Hello and greetings from the sunny and quite warm city of Beppu.

It’s been about two and a half months since I started my internship at Ryoutiku Bettei Hotel. Oh boy were the first couple of weeks nerve-wrecking! I still have moments of nervousness sometimes, but I’m glad the worst is over. I’m used to my tasks now and my seniors are treating me as a proper member of the hotel. One of them even asked if I’d like to stay in Japan and get a permanent job from the hotel, but I rejected the offer politely telling that I really want to graduate from university… and after that to go to a graduate school! Thus, no time to stay at the hotel even though it is a quite nice place to work in.


Me holding a lunchbox I made at a park during cherry blossom viewing (花見)

Since I have previous experience of studying and living in Japan, I know the hierarchy system and different language for different situations. At first I had to spend some time studying the most formal language used for customers and it’s still quite the tongue twister, but I’m getting used to it.

I work from 10am to 5pm with a 30min lunch break. My hours are waaay shorter than regular workers’, and I’m even allowed to go home on time (very common in Japanese work culture to stay at work until the boss leaves or do over time work for at least an hour). I start by working at the lunch restaurant, have a break and then move to the lounge where I welcome guests and then take them to their room while explaining about the hot springs, breakfast and other functions of the hotel. There are some projects going on at the hotel which require me to act as a contact person for the university I had my exchange period in so it’s fun to interact with the APU students again. I sometimes miss my former uni!


Me being extremely happy!

I come home every day around 5.40pm and I’m often too tired to do anything awfully productive. I usually cook, exercise if the weather is good and my legs are not dead, and just “hang out”. I have one or two holidays per week and during them I sometimes go to explore new places in Beppu.

I think that’s enough for now. Thanks for reading!




Hi from Southampton, UK!

Greetings from united kingdom, Southampton. Best known as the harbor where Titanic left 100 years ago. Weather here is not as bad as people say, actually it’s been far more warm and sunny than I can ever remember Finland is.

I can’t say a single bad thing about my exchange in uk so far, its been wonderful and educating. I really enjoy my courses and the teachers are very supportive and know their things. In the beginning it felt I might have learned faster in one week than in a month back at home.

If I could stay longer I would without a doubt do it. Only negative thing about living in UK is the prices. Rent is incredibly high for one flat shared with 9 other people, and eating can turn out rather expensive especially now that euros currency is so low.20141028_101949

Every week the main street of Southampton is filler with little market and they sell fresh food and fruits. I even got to go to a live concert in an underground venue which was wonderful. There are many historical landmarks around Southampton which is interesting.


20141130_172426 20150311_194622

The city is rather small and calm, theres no big events and a lot going on all the time which suits me perfectly. However the city is located close to many cool places and I can get to london in 2 hours. I’ve also been to Bournemouth and Bristol several times, they are more lively and artistic than Southampton itself. Even made a little trip up north to Edinburgh!


People here are very friendly and very easy to understand, the accent is easy to follow. I have learned some new words during my stay but communicating in general has been easier than expected.

Spring is almost over and its soon summer. Trees have been blooming with flowers and its great time to enjoy all the great parks in Southampton. I will miss this place so much, it really feels like home to me!




There are no kangaroos in Austria

Mirabellgarten in April

Grüss Gott! Greetings from Salzburg! Salzburg is the 4th largest city in Austria. It is very idyllic city surrounded by mountains. Salzburg is well known as a birthplace of Mozart. You can buy souvenirs with Mozart print and of course “Mozartkugels” everywhere. The city is also famous for being Sound of music filming site. Although the movie is not well known by locals, it brings lots of tourists to the city.

A view from Kapuzinerberg in February

There are lot to see and to do in Salzburg. The old town (Altstadt) has beautiful baroque architecture and little alleyways. The river Salzach runs through the city. Many castles to visit. And I am amazed every day when I walk out of my dormitory and I see those beautiful mountains. I know I will miss that sight.


I am a nursing student and I do 2 internships here. I have only German lessons at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule). So I don’t spend much time at the school and see other Erasmus students there. But we have our own Facebook-group, so party and other activity invitations come through that. International office has arranged us things to do. We had a group trip to see a woodturner in his workshop. We were also celebrating tradiotional Maibaum fest.

Putting up the Maypole

My first internship was in Caritas Altenpension. It provides living support for people with psychiatric problems who also need some physical assistance. I was there my first 4 weeks. It was a really good place to learn more German and get used to the local dialect. Patients/residents didn’t change so I learnt their habits and needs.

5.53am at CDK

My second internship is in a neurological ward in Christopher Doppler Klinik. The ward is a good place to learn widely from different neurological illnesses and their treatments. During my first weeks there was one nurse on my ward who could speak Finnish, her roots are in Finland. That was a very pleasant surprise and helped me to adapt things quicker. Some of the nurses don’t speak any English at all so I have to try to cope with German too. All the staff are really nice and they try to understand my “broken German” and encourage me to speak “auf Deutsch”. Luckily many of the patients understand English, some of them have been pleased that they can practice their English.

the Untersberg

We (my Finnish classmate and I) have done several trips to explore the surrounding areas. It is a perfect way to “recharge the batteries”. It is unbelievable how easy it is to be in such a gorgeous scenery by a train or by a bike.  We bought our own mountain bikes and we have used them a lot. I cycle to the hospital by the river Salzach. I think I’ll go and enjoy  a pint of Radler and some sun! Tschüss!

Greetings from sunny Sheffield

I am a third year environmental engineering student and I am currently performing my exchange in environmental sciences in the Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom for the Spring semester of 2015. I have stayed here in Sheffield for the last 4 months and I still have a few weeks left before my time here is up for good.



I have really enjoyed my stay here this far and I have met a lot of new and interesting people, mostly other Erasmus students, but also some Britts, which is nice!




Sheffield as a city is really student-friendly and as a matter of fact, the people living here are really proud of their sense of community and it really comes across in day-to-day life here.

251 Traditional Sunday Roast

Sheffield is located in the North of England, but the city has good connections to, for example, London, York, Manchester and Cambridge.


IMG_7488 Me and my Erasmus friends in Cambridge


I have really enjoyed my stay here in England, and even tea is starting to taste good! I am just glad I still have time to spend here with my friends.



Ines Koski



Greetings from summerish Porto!

I’m a second year nursing student and I stayed in Porto for three months and did two different practical trainings in here. It was a very interesting experience because the school system is different in here, so there is a lot to compare and learn. The local students are very friendly and helpful, they don’t mind explaining how everything works in here. It has been a lot of help to have support from them, from daily life to dealing with different teachers.

2015-02-02 15.34.21 Entrance of my school in Porto

The city itself is very nice and easy to get to know. The center area is rather small and it is impossible to get lost. In the free time there is plenty to do, from enjoying a quick cup of espresso to going to see a good game of football in the weekends (there are two notable football teams in here). Also the connection between other cities is very nice and taking the train is rather cheap for the students.

Casa da Musica and the city hall.

2015-02-17 14.35.24 2015-02-09 12.07.53

2015-04-11 15.51.32 The view on the city

Boavista F.C. and FC Porto

2015-05-03 16.26.24 2015-04-15 20.46.51

Ocean and Castelo do Quejio

2015-04-19 12.34.09 2015-04-19 12.39.10

Ferreira ‘vinho do Porto’ wine cellar and the famous Ponte de dom Luís I

2015-04-19 17.51.59 2015-04-19 16.14.35

There is a lot more to see and wonder about in Porto and it surely is worth a visit! And specially because Portuguese people are very open minded and guest friendly!

Até logo!

Hälsningar från västkusten!

Four months in Trollhättan have gone really fast because time flies when you’re having fun! Every day life in Sweden is pretty similar than in Finland and I avoided the culture shock here. Small shock was when I started my studies in University West because the structure of the academic year is very different than in Finland and the courses were very challenging. Outside of school, I’ve done some travelling in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Swedish Lapland and it’s been awesome! I definitely know my Nordic surroundings better now. Even though my exchange was pretty close to home it was still far and I’ve enjoyed every moment!

International students exploring Gothenburg
International students exploring Gothenburg
In Narvik Norway, closer to Helsinki than Oslo!
In Narvik Norway, closer to Helsinki than Oslo!
Waterfalls in Trollhättan
Waterfalls in Trollhättan



In Bruges!

Im a third year nursing student, and I always wanted to do an exchange. I have been in Bruges, Belgium now for 1,5 months, and the same time is still left. I can really say that I have had the time of my life! Belgians are really friendly, and I don’t remember any time that someone would have been rude to me. Bruges is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and it is also very compact and full of history. The best thing has been getting new, really good friends. And not only other exchange-students, but also locals. Last week we had a great international week at Leuven and Brussels. There was students from all over the europe, and we had some lessons and of course parties! Travelling here is easy, it’s a small country and trains are quite cheap.


My first internship was in a psychiatric hospital, in a ward for patients with psychosis. Almost everyone there spoke really good english, also the patients! It was a nice surprice. It was easy to get in to new work environment. I had good 5 weeks there, and I was almost crying when I had to leave!

The second placement is in intensive care unit, so it’s something totally different. First days have been really interesting, again the people working there are really friendly, so I have no stress about anything.

A castle in Bruges
A castle in Bruges

Otherwise life is treating me well, days go fast and I’m really enjoying every moment. Eating lot of waffles, sitting in cafes and tasting different kind of Krieks (typical cherry-flavored beer) make me happy every day. Of course there have been days that it’s been raining all day, I was sick two times, but still, I have enjoyed every moment! I haven’t felt lonely at all, even though I’m not spending so much time with other erasmus-students. I have continued my hobbies here too, example doing sports and geocaching. In a few weeks I will have my two-weeks easter-vacation, and I’m heading to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Antwerp. So I still have a lot of cool things to wait for!

A view from the belfort of Bruges
A sight from the belfort of Bruges