Ciao tutti!

Hi everyone!


Here is my small postcard from Italy, where I have been about two months now. How the time goes so fast! I thought that I just came here.. But I think when you have fun, time goes like express train – really fast.

My experince and practical traning has been nice. Of course I have used to italian way to do things – everything is so slow! And you don’t know what you’re going to do next week. But luckily everything has gone well 🙂 I have seen italian way to nurse and live. I have been in psychiatrical ward, intensive care unit and the rest of my training I am going to spend at the home care. And I’m so excited about that, because I can see real italian life and homes!

Also I have had time to travel around north Italy and I have seen many interesting cities and places. I have visited at Gardalake, Bologna, Mantova, Ravenna, Venice etc… And for that I have to thank my roommate and her boyfriend, because they have a car and they take me with them to travel 😀

Gelato and Prato Della Valle (largest square in Europe)
Pizza and pasta 😀

And what about italian food. Oh I love it! Pizza is so good here and also pasta. Mmmm. I’m going to miss that good food. And best thing here is ice cream – gelato. I love it, I think that I can’t eat finnish icecream anymore 😀

So it has been lovely to be here in Italy. I have met lot of new people and have friends. I have learn new language a bit. My apartment is nice and nature and buildings here are so beautiful. So definetly I’m going to miss tay when I have to go back home to Finland.

Cordiali saluti: Pilvi

Park and river next to my apartment. I love it!

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