Greetings from Groningen!

I came to Groningen 9 months ago to study Fine Art in Academie Minerva (Hanzehogeschool Groningen). I have loved living and studying here and wouldn’t want to leave yet. Groningen is a really nice city of almost 200,000 people, one fifth of them being students. The city is full of restaurants and cafees and with so many students, it has an active night life as well. The Dutch way of life is very relaxed and efficient at the same time.


Bikes outside an old church that is now serving as a supermarket.


One of the beautiful old buildings of Academie Minerva, this one used to be a museum.


Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday there are two markets in the centre. One concentrates on selling clothes and crafts and the other one is full of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and flowers. Here is a picture of a crossing that always causes disarray among the bikers.


Here are some semi-famous colorful houses.


Here is the Dutch version of Santa Claus, called Sinterklaas.


And his helpers, the Zwarte Piets (Black Petes).

My studies here have been so much fun! The courses are very varied, there is so much more to choose from than what we have in TAMK. The teachers are also very involved and seem genuinely interested in each students progress. In addition to the spacious wood and metal workshops, there are also excellent work spaces for plastic, film photography and all kinds of printing and graphics.

We have some mandatory courses, that are mostly theory, and then a whole lot of other courses that we can take, from specialized theory to introduction courses to a certain medium (for example laser-cutting, 3D-printing or pin-hole photography) or a longer course in a selected subject, like painting or sculpture. In fact, there’s so many interesting courses here that it’s impossible for me to do everything I would want in one year.

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