Greetings from Roskilde, Denmark!

Greetings from Roskilde, Denmark! It feels just like yesterday when I arrived in Copenhagen early in the morning at the end of January. Nevertheless, I have to face the fact that it was over five months ago. I started this adventure together with my best friend Ninni and our original plan was to stay here from February until the beginning of May. Ninni returned to Finland in May. I decided to stay a little longer.

We have an amazing group of Eramus students here in University College Zealand. Most of us live together in Korallen, which is a hall of residence primarily meant for international students who study in Trekroner, Roskilde. Korallen is about 100 meters away from our school so I have no idea how have I managed to make a habit of being late from school. It is not like the bus was late or anything.

Our studies are even more interesting than I ever dared to hope for and that is thanks to our wonderful teachers. I study in a programme called ALECE – Aesthetics and Learning in Early Childhood Education. As the name of the programme might indicate, our studies consist of all kinds of creative themes and topics. We focus on drama, music and storytelling. I thought that we have been studying a lot of creative studies back in Finland but actually studying in ALECE has opened my eyes completely when it comes to aesthetics and creativity. All in all, I have enjoyed my studies – and learned – more than I ever expected. And had A LOT of fun while doing it.

So as you can see, I have enjoyed my exchange time here in Denmark more than I can really describe. I am so grateful that I was able to extend my exchange time since there was no way I wanted it to end just yet. Now I have only a couple of weeks left and I am trying to make the most of it.


Drama 🙂

– Petra

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