Hello and farewell (soon) Budapest

Hello everyone.

My stay here in Budapest is coming to its end. I have my last exam tomorrow and then in a few short weeks I fly back to Finland.

During my stay I have learned to appreciate the similarities and differences in our cultures. Differences were noticeable from the beginning, the long streets, the hills, the traditions, Danube, the whole city, all full of wonders at first, but the similarities only became apparent as my stay grew longer and my fellow Erasmus students and locals became closer, and I fell into a comfortable familiarity. I think both are equally important, the similarities and the differences, although I think that when I return Finland will seem more foreign to me than my home here.

My stay here has been wonderful and I still have a few weeks to get the most out of Hungary, especially outside Budapest. I plan to spend my time well. In the meanwhile here are some photos, so you too can see the grandiose beauty of the city.

IMG_6193 IMG_5550 IMG_5565 IMG_5622 IMG_6097

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