Greetings from Leipzig!









Summery Greetings from Leipzig, that recently celebrated its 1000th Birthday! I wanted to start my postcard with a nice view upon the city centrum. Quite surprisingly, the city has had 4 distinctive seasons during my 9 months here, and quite like in Finland, the city has started blooming at the same time with the spring flowers.


It stood on the instructions, that I should write about both of my studies and my spare time… As a musician it really feels that they often are the same thing. The most wonderful thing about my school is the fact, that you can almost hear the composers that have studied and taught there whispering in your ears while practicing. The Hochschule für Musik ind Theater Leipzig was founded by Mendelssohn, and is the eldest music university in Germany. For example Schubert taught Grieg studied there.

About 15 minutes from the Hochschule one can visit Thomaskirche, where J.S. Bach worked as a Kapellmeister from 1723 until his death 1750. You can see the church in the picture below. Concerts happen there every weekend, and it has been exotic to see, that cantatas and oratorios attract audience so well here, that you really have to be on time to get a seat!




In the city opera I’ve seen among others Magic Flute and Rake’s progress.



Last time I went to Gewandhouse of Leipzig I heard a french pianist Helene Grimaud. The concert was fantastic.



The architecture is really beautiful and mixed here – really old buildings can be found among new stuff and everything in between. I like particularly the numerous wall paintings in this city.


I actually found writing this post card a bit difficult, as music is a thing, that demands a lot of time spent alone inside four walls. I enjoy highly the historical atmosphere of this city and my school, and participate such school subject as historical dance with great joy. It is certainly an ideal place for a classical musician – but maybe not the most interesting subject to tell about to someone else, as majority of my time here looks like this:


See you soon in Finland,


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