Hiya from Portsmouth, UK!

Okay let’s start with the fact that it has not been raining here everyday during the past 4 months I have been here. The weather has actually been quite good! It was really sunny already in April yet it is not super hot still now in June. Here’s proof of that:


But there is something which I have found even more puzzling than sunny days: Where is my 5 o’clock afternoon tea? I thought I would be shouted out from the room when I carry my cup of coffee to the office in the morning. I also expected not to see anyone in the streets at 5pm but tea houses full of happy biscuits and cheerful teacups. The reality? Well, I haven’t seen any tea rooms anywhere and no Brit understands my happiness when I talk about 5 o’clock afternoon tea which doesn’t exist.

At least not in the way you would think so. They do have concept called ‘Afternoon tea’ but that’s then again something which is mostly only for tourists. Tourists like me who think ‘the real’ afternoon tea exists. Sad isn’t it? Not really.

No worries still mates, this place is great! Portsmouth is located in the South coast of England and for the first time in my life, it takes only some 10 minutes for me to walk to the beach. This fact makes me seriously so overwhelmingly happy even though I spend 5 days out of 7 in the office when it’s that beach-worthy time.

Ohh and what would this post be without fish and chips! After all it’s the Great Britain 😉 Below you’ll find some great photos.


20150314_18212920150406_154424 20150516_12522520150306_191222


So all in all, life is good.

I have 6 weeks to go with my internship. And even though I’m happy to be here, the thought of going back home makes me happy, too. So nothing to complain about!

– Jutta

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