Learning language, life and work

I’m doing my first hospitality management training in a lovely guest house in Onomichi (cute, relaxed and vintage styled town), called Anago no Nedoko ( Sea Eel’s sleeping place). My jobs are helping with preparing and serving breakfast (japanese and western style), cleaning cafe and cleaning guest house’s first floor (showers, toilets, common kitchen and living room). If my co-worker missing/having holiday ect (:D), I also do the second floor (dormitories and private rooms).


Time is flying way too fast. 😀 On my free time I go eating out, sightseeing or geo caching with my local friends or guests of Anago. Stuff of the guest house have parties, movie nightscand sport events often (couple time per a week).  Trying my best to learn japanese and finish my friend’s wedding gift. Became also addicted in jogging (Onomichi full of uphills and stairs. ;D


Onomichi is full of stray cats, temples, islands, friendly people and things to see. Most famous attraction is Shimanami Kaido that is a bikeing route (70km one way) through seven (?) islands from Onomichi to Imabari. Highly recommend, very beautiful. ;D


Enjoying my life to ^10. So if you do not see mee in next autumn, you know where to find me! ;D

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