Hessen style


Rosen- und Licherfest = Rose- and Lightfest

At the moment I am doing my Erasmus year in Germany. More specific on Frankfurt am Main which located in south Germany state of Hessen. In Finland I study Chemical Engineering but here a bit different Bioverfahrenstechnik. While I have been here I have learn few things about Germany. First  all German people love events just like finnish people but there is also lot of events on wintertime. Like famous Weihnactsmarkt = Christmas market. In  every event there is a lot of food and drinks. Useally beer and sausage&french fries. And these events are always for family so no beertents or drinkingareas and also no drunk people. Second all stores are closed on Sundays. So if want to eat Sunday you need to remember that on Saturday. The hardest thing for me was propably to learn always carry with me a cash. Here restaurants, bars, kiosks, taxis and lot of else places dont approve a card. So you need always cash in Germany

International exchange student network

In my spare time I have spend with my new friends. I have got a lot of new friends in several countries and after this year I think that I have in many countries place to stay if I want to go there. I have also travelled and saw a bit of central Europa. Overall I can say that this year has been taking and giving a lot. And it is not even a over yeat..


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