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Hello and farewell (soon) Budapest

Hello everyone.

My stay here in Budapest is coming to its end. I have my last exam tomorrow and then in a few short weeks I fly back to Finland.

During my stay I have learned to appreciate the similarities and differences in our cultures. Differences were noticeable from the beginning, the long streets, the hills, the traditions, Danube, the whole city, all full of wonders at first, but the similarities only became apparent as my stay grew longer and my fellow Erasmus students and locals became closer, and I fell into a comfortable familiarity. I think both are equally important, the similarities and the differences, although I think that when I return Finland will seem more foreign to me than my home here.

My stay here has been wonderful and I still have a few weeks to get the most out of Hungary, especially outside Budapest. I plan to spend my time well. In the meanwhile here are some photos, so you too can see the grandiose beauty of the city.

IMG_6193 IMG_5550 IMG_5565 IMG_5622 IMG_6097

Greetings from Roskilde, Denmark!

Greetings from Roskilde, Denmark! It feels just like yesterday when I arrived in Copenhagen early in the morning at the end of January. Nevertheless, I have to face the fact that it was over five months ago. I started this adventure together with my best friend Ninni and our original plan was to stay here from February until the beginning of May. Ninni returned to Finland in May. I decided to stay a little longer.

We have an amazing group of Eramus students here in University College Zealand. Most of us live together in Korallen, which is a hall of residence primarily meant for international students who study in Trekroner, Roskilde. Korallen is about 100 meters away from our school so I have no idea how have I managed to make a habit of being late from school. It is not like the bus was late or anything.

Our studies are even more interesting than I ever dared to hope for and that is thanks to our wonderful teachers. I study in a programme called ALECE – Aesthetics and Learning in Early Childhood Education. As the name of the programme might indicate, our studies consist of all kinds of creative themes and topics. We focus on drama, music and storytelling. I thought that we have been studying a lot of creative studies back in Finland but actually studying in ALECE has opened my eyes completely when it comes to aesthetics and creativity. All in all, I have enjoyed my studies – and learned – more than I ever expected. And had A LOT of fun while doing it.

So as you can see, I have enjoyed my exchange time here in Denmark more than I can really describe. I am so grateful that I was able to extend my exchange time since there was no way I wanted it to end just yet. Now I have only a couple of weeks left and I am trying to make the most of it.


Drama 🙂

– Petra

Greetings from Groningen!

I came to Groningen 9 months ago to study Fine Art in Academie Minerva (Hanzehogeschool Groningen). I have loved living and studying here and wouldn’t want to leave yet. Groningen is a really nice city of almost 200,000 people, one fifth of them being students. The city is full of restaurants and cafees and with so many students, it has an active night life as well. The Dutch way of life is very relaxed and efficient at the same time.


Bikes outside an old church that is now serving as a supermarket.


One of the beautiful old buildings of Academie Minerva, this one used to be a museum.


Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday there are two markets in the centre. One concentrates on selling clothes and crafts and the other one is full of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and flowers. Here is a picture of a crossing that always causes disarray among the bikers.


Here are some semi-famous colorful houses.


Here is the Dutch version of Santa Claus, called Sinterklaas.


And his helpers, the Zwarte Piets (Black Petes).

My studies here have been so much fun! The courses are very varied, there is so much more to choose from than what we have in TAMK. The teachers are also very involved and seem genuinely interested in each students progress. In addition to the spacious wood and metal workshops, there are also excellent work spaces for plastic, film photography and all kinds of printing and graphics.

We have some mandatory courses, that are mostly theory, and then a whole lot of other courses that we can take, from specialized theory to introduction courses to a certain medium (for example laser-cutting, 3D-printing or pin-hole photography) or a longer course in a selected subject, like painting or sculpture. In fact, there’s so many interesting courses here that it’s impossible for me to do everything I would want in one year.

My spring in Southampton, UK

Here in Southampton I have been studying this spring whit many other exchange students and have a quite fun with them. I have got here in Southampton which we also known as Soton so many new experiences and met also my old friends. Also some of my friends in Finland have been here whit me and we have travelled example: Roman Baths, Titanic museum and many other places. Some one knows that Titanic has been left there in hers last trip and many of those who died there was from Southampton. So this is a one good reason to come to Soton!








One of my favorite places was this path but there was flowers just before I left so I haven’t have so much time to enjoyed it.



Here is a picture from Titanic museum and there is some one who had died there. There was reading who they was, from where and what they was doing in the ship.


My home door look like this when we have someones birthday party.



This was my home street and I love it because it was so near to center and of course my uni.


One of the nicest place where I go was this Tudor house. The garden was lovely and the history of this place was mindless.




Ciao tutti!

Hi everyone!


Here is my small postcard from Italy, where I have been about two months now. How the time goes so fast! I thought that I just came here.. But I think when you have fun, time goes like express train – really fast.

My experince and practical traning has been nice. Of course I have used to italian way to do things – everything is so slow! And you don’t know what you’re going to do next week. But luckily everything has gone well 🙂 I have seen italian way to nurse and live. I have been in psychiatrical ward, intensive care unit and the rest of my training I am going to spend at the home care. And I’m so excited about that, because I can see real italian life and homes!

Also I have had time to travel around north Italy and I have seen many interesting cities and places. I have visited at Gardalake, Bologna, Mantova, Ravenna, Venice etc… And for that I have to thank my roommate and her boyfriend, because they have a car and they take me with them to travel 😀

Gelato and Prato Della Valle (largest square in Europe)
Pizza and pasta 😀

And what about italian food. Oh I love it! Pizza is so good here and also pasta. Mmmm. I’m going to miss that good food. And best thing here is ice cream – gelato. I love it, I think that I can’t eat finnish icecream anymore 😀

So it has been lovely to be here in Italy. I have met lot of new people and have friends. I have learn new language a bit. My apartment is nice and nature and buildings here are so beautiful. So definetly I’m going to miss tay when I have to go back home to Finland.

Cordiali saluti: Pilvi

Park and river next to my apartment. I love it!

Grüße aus Dortmund!

I have now spent three months here in Dortmund in Germany. Dortmund is located near two big cities; Düsseldorf and Köln. This is a city of crazy football fans. During the game days the city centre is full of people wearing black and yellow which are the colours of Dortmund’s football team BVB. I’m not a big football fan but the atmosphere is just awesome. There are also nice big parks in Dortmund where I like to spend my time with other exchange students.

IMG_1183 Altermarkt in the city centre.

At school I have two lectures everyday. Lectures are short here; only 1,5 hours. Otherwise lessons are very similar compared to TAMK. I have also become familiar with the habit of knocking on desks after presentations and in the end of the lessons.

IMG_1961 This is where we have most of our lectures.

In my spare time I spend time with other exchange students and we have also travelled much together. I have visited the biggest cities in Germany and also abroad: France, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

I have really enjoyed my time here and I have now so many new friends from all over the world. Dortmund is great located because there are so many nice cities nearby and it makes traveling during the weekends very easy. As a smaller city, Dortmund is also cheaper place to live than the big cities. I’m so happy that I decided to come here and so excited that I still have two months left here!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Suvi Salmi

Guten Tag!

I’m starting my fourth month here in Munich, Germany and what a four months it has been! Time runs way too fast and i feel like i just came here, now i only have a few weeks left here.  This exchange has definitely changed the way i think about Germany and germans, and gave me a chance to travel around Europe.


I made my schedule so i only have school from tuesday till thursday which gives me more time to travel around and get to know german culture. Hochschule München is a really nice school and the teachers are mostly competent and professional. The only bad thing is that there is so many different campuses around the city, and it takes some time to travel between them. Most of the teachers speak good english, but with a german accent (which is terrible) of course.

I have been travelling more abroad than in Germany: Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco.. Just because it is so cheap to travel from here, center of the europe and i probably won’t get another chance to do it as this cheap. But the views aren’t that bad either here in munich. I can see the alps when i go for a run, and surfers in lake middle of the city where is the biggest inside-a-city park of whole europe.


Just a week ago, we rented a car with four other exchange students and drove all the way to nice, france, through such an amazing views. Above is a picture taken in Monaco, which was definitely a place to visit.

At the end i would recommend Germany as an exchange country because of the beautiful country, nice people, cheap prices, good education and because it’s good position in the middle of europe!

Auf wiedersehen!

Sami Montonen

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