Greetings from Würzburg!

Hi all! I’m having an internship in a small town called Marktheidenfeld, in a region of Franconia, which is located in the northern part of Bavarian state in Germany. I’ve lived in Würzburg (about 40 km off from Marktheidenfeld) for two months so far and I’ve totally enjoyed my every day here! Here’s approximately 125 000 inhabitants in Würzburg and it’s full of students. So I’m really happy I chose to move to Würzburg instead of living in Marktheidenfeld, even I have to travel every day about 80 km. I have to admit that it is nice to drive a car here in the highways, since here are no speed limits 😉 Well quite often here’s also traffic jams which make the driving uncomfortable..


Würzburg is located alongside the Main river.

I’m working for a company called Schneider Electric Automation GmbH (Ltd.) and I’m working with Safety Products in a Marketing Department. So far I’ve totally enjoyed my work ! I’ve got great international experience since there’s people from India, Morocco, Pakistan, Japan, New Zealand, France (Schneider Electric is a French company so there’s a lot of French people). So basically I work only in English language, but luckily I have a chance to use German every now and then and fortunately the company offers German classes once every week!

So about Germany and its cities.. I didn’t expect that Würzburg would be so great city to live in, but almost every weekend we have some kind of festival or sometimes even two festivals during the same weekend! Wine festivals, beer festivals, Volksfest (“people’s festival” with a funfair), a lot of music festivals etc. At least I’m not bored during my stay here 😉

But sometimes variety refreshes your mind and therefore I’ve tried to travel in other cities as much as possible. So far I’ve spent weekends in Karlsruhe and Bad Liebenzell, Hannover, Rothenburg and Treppendorf. Because I’m a musician and the big music store called Thomann is located in Treppendorf (only 60 km off from Würzburg) I had to visit there, and I have to say it was a musician’s paradise! One of the best moments was when we headed to Bad Liebenzell with couple friends of mine and we went hiking to the Black Forest. I didn’t expect the landscapes to be so amazing!


Hiking in the Black Forest, stopping by in a town called Hirsau. Monastery of St. Peter and Paul (construction began in 1082) in the background.

To sum up, I like it here! The work, traveling, beer.. Looking forward to travel even more, there’s still Münich, Frankfurt, Nürnberg and lots of other cities to see !

Grüsse, Mikael

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