Greetings from the city of Titanic

Hi everyone! I had a nice year of exchange studies in Southampton(UK). This the city in South England. Since it is UK, let’s talk about weather first. Actually, I can’t complain about famous English rainy weather at all. It was pretty sunny during the whole winter and, compare to Finland, really warm. That was strange to spend a year without snow and see flowers in February.

IMG_20150528_170529About the city, Southampton is comparatively small city for the UK but it has everything what is needed. Even if the city is really old, almost all historical buildings were destroyed during the Second World War, therefore it is quite different from typical image about English old cities. Also Southampton is really famous because it is the city from Titanic departed. Moreover, there are plenty picturesque places around.2015-05-28 13.12.52Another thingthat I would like to share is British English. It is so different from what I expected. At first, it was really difficult to understand most of the Brits of my age because of really strong slang. Sometimes it felt that they hardly can understand each other because there are plenty of different accents. It always was interesting to listen different people and to try to copy pronunciation. After all, I don’t know anymore what is the right way to speak English.IMG_20150524_203056

My university was also really nice. Exchange students have a possibility to mix courses from different programs therefore it was hard to choose courses but I’m happy with those I took. Teachers were great as well.

IMG_20150530_203110And, of course, travelling around UK is just amazing. I was aiming to see more nature than cities, and I fell in love with it. Ocean and cliffs are incredible. I guess there is no words to describe it!




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