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Exchange in Hungary

It’s definitely a unique experience I’ll cherish in my life. Thanks to the exchange, I can meet many nice people, try different delicious dishes, immerse myself in a strange culture & environment. I actually learn something about myself as well. I would highly recommend my friends to go out of there comfort zone to see the world!

Autumn in Tokaji
Autumn in Tokaji


Make & try "Langos"
Make & try “Langos”
Explaining about water electricity
Explaining about water electricity

Sprachcaffe, mela…

Sprachcaffe, mela…

I came to Malta Sprachcaffe Pembroke on 11th of May and first obvious thing I noticed when exiting the airport was that it was sunny and hot. Completely the opposite than what it was in Finland. And I knew that it was just the beginning of the summer so even hotter days were to be expected.
Sprachcaffe was pleasant surprise to me: reception, bistro, pool area and the accommodation blocks were all spacy and had a good atmosphere around them. Students that were already in Sprachcaffe were all really friendly and accepting me easily in their circles.


I spent my first free days in the pool area taking the sun and relaxing. Also, I wanted to explore the area nearby Pembroke and so I got lost nearly every day in the beginning while walking all over the streets.


One man from Poland that had lived in Sprachcaffe before I came there promised to show me around Malta in my first week. So we took a bus and travelled around the capital Valletta and also all over the island. I saw many historical buildings and so much of beautiful landscape and after that trip I had a good first touch of Maltese life and culture.


After my great tourist beginning in Malta I took the job as a receptionist in Sprachcaffe seriously and for the next one month I didn’t really travel that much to anywhere. I worked maybe a little bit too much and now looking back at that time I regret that I didn’t push myself to see more of Malta in the first months. Of course it was important to focus on my job but then again I think I missed a lot of great opportunities to explore Malta and its culture.


After two and half months of summer and hotness the weather decided to surprise us all and before we knew it was pouring rain and most of us also saw a tornado near Pembroke’s area. The storm only lasted for fifteen minutes but it was an awesome experience.


After halfway through my stay I started to travel around again and for example visited Comino’s blue lagoon and Peter’s pool in Marsaxlokk. There is still much to see and experience alongside with my work and I’m planning on enjoying Malta when I can.

Made in China




Here in Shanghai have been happened so much, so its hard the even try to summarize all in one blog text. So I tell you about trational chinese medicen lessons that I have taken. I have also have lenssons of Chinese Herbs, Taji, Chinese laguage. They have been also interesting but I wonder TCM is something that I can tell you the easiest way.


Pictures for the campus area at the Shanghai institute of health sciences





TCM lessons:

We had told things about Chinese culture. How did the Chinese traditional medicine get started and how they use it in nowadays. It has long roots in this culture and Chinese traditional medicine nurses study it eight years. Its hard because nurses and doctor had to know also western way to treat. Also anathomy have a big role in studies, example when your are going to do acpunction.

The teacher told us about theory of Ying and Yang. Even I have heard it before there was so much new information. The way how they acully use that theory when they interview the patient and treat the patient.

yy_clinical yin_yang


Also the teacher has tell us theory of five element. It wasnt the same that I have seen in the movies or what I have read at the books. It was interesting that we all have a own element and we have certain kind of relationship with the other elements. Example a tree element need water to grow and otherwise fire need tree for burning. So every element need some other element and give something to other element. There are also control relationships too. Metal can control the tree because it can cut it and stop it grow.

So everything affect everything, especially in the long term.

thFive elements circle

We have also inspect each other tongue. In traditional medicen you see patients healthy in hers/hims tongue. The colour in the tongue will change every day and when you inspect it it important that patient havent drink and eat nothing in couple hours, especially dark food products are prohibited.

kkkkooTongue inspecting

We have done acupuncture twice and cupping. Teacher has showed us different kind of needles and instruments. We have learn the different places where to press, massage, injected with a needle or cup and know where it should been helped.

tttttttttAcupunctio needles

mmmkk yyy

For a shoulder pain



I have been so excited to learn this stuff in here. It is a whole new world where you can easily absorbed in. I want to learn this more, hopefully it is possible in Finland too.

Landeshauptstadt Hannover

Hallo! I’ve studied mechanical engineering in Hannover, Germany. Double degree -studies required 30 credit points courses studied in German, internship and bachelor’s thesis also. Studying in Germany was quite stressful in German language. I studied three courses German in Tamk before going to Hannover. In the first lectures I didn’t understand much but later on it was easier as the language skills got better.

2015-03-20 21.17.49

German ice-hockey Hannover scorpions – Hannover indians

2015-04-10 20.44.55

Bundesliga Hannover 96 – Hertha Berlin

2014-10-12 16.20.23-2

view from the glider plane

I was busy studying but I also had time to experience new things. I was amused about the German sport culture and the great atmosphere in the games. Bundesliga game of football was one of the things I was really excited and the full stadium was a nice thing to experience during my stay. I saw also an ice-hockey game and the atmosphere was great even though that wasn’t that good ice-hockey as it was the third liga in Germany.

During the year I had a bit time to travel as well. It is quite easy to do from Hannover. After the first semester I met some of the Spanish exchange students when I was travelling in Spain  and Portugal. Later on I went to Czech Republic and the Netherlands as well.

I can really recommend Germany as a destination for the exchange. The double degree studies in Hannover require quite good knowledge in German and the motivation to study hard during the exchange. Now I’m really glad I decided to challenge myself and getting the bachelor’s degree from Germany and Finland.

Heya all, greetings from Hannover

Moin zusammen! Writing this a tad late, I’ve now been in Hannover, Germany, for almost a year. It’s been a terrific experience, although the double-degree has been quite a load of work. The first half a year was doing courses for mechnical engineering completely in German, and now I’m currently finishing my Bachelor’s Thesis and internship at KONE GmbH in Hannover.

The glider plane we helped to take apart for security examination due to a school project at the Hochschule Hannover.

A picture of the glider plane we helped to take apart for security examination due to a school project at the Hochschule Hannover.

Rathaus (city hall) of Hannover 

Above is the Rathaus (city hall) of Hannover from a little more unusual angle, taken from the roof of the regional bank during my internship.

An obligatory currywurst-photo.

The Germans use crazy amounts of salt and grease in their food, even (especially) in the school-cafeterias (Mensas). Stay hydrated, though I’ll let you figure out what’s the best way to do it in this country. The lower picture is unrelated.

We do not party, we escalate!


Before the busier times during studies, we managed to go to the Oktoberfest as well. The Lederhosen were of course mandatory, although an older gentleman demanded to know how we dare to wear the bayerish traditional colors without being locals.

Although I chose my exchange destination for the double-degree opportunity, it was a good call in other ways as well. Hannover was an especially good choice for my exchange due to the fact that it’s basically the only place (area) in Germany where the people have almost no dialect and speak hochdeutsch. This has made learning the language quite a lot easier.

I’d like to recommend Germany as an exchange destination for anyone; despite some stereotypical assumptions (like that the Germans don’t have humour) it’s a great place to live and study. Also the location in the central Europe makes possible freetime travelling ridiculously easy! The busses are cheap and drive quite often at least to all neighbouring countries.

With best regards from Germany / Mit besten Grüßen aus Deutschland

Na zdraví! From Brno

Greetings from Czech Republic

First thing I was shocked in Czech Republic was that this country is really rolling by cash!!! It’s 2015 and still you can’t survive here with only credit card. For example I have to pay my rent by CASH, add value on my student card by CASH or pay the dinner in restaurant by CASH. But that is not a problem it is just a thing I have get used to. Any case it quite nice to carry several thousands of money with you, feel like I’m much richer than I actually am.

Studying is also very different than in Finland, or actually I think that it just feel like that. Our lectures are always behind the locked doors and we don’t have access there without we are calling to the teacher or he come open the door for us. And I don’t mean only class room doors. All the locals keep telling that they are not like southern Europeans. If lecture start 9 o’clock it really starts then. But if I comparing Czech people to Finnish people or Southern Europeans I think they are somewhere between. There is only on teacher who is on time.

Local Black clock what local are hating. Not suprised, it might look like something totally different…

Otherwise studuying is easy in here. Our schedule is quite lazy and feels like Finnish knowledge level is high. I think that most of the topics are basic ones that we have had in Tamk already in first year. Of course always there is something small new things that is good to know.

Location, location, locations. Brno’s location is very good. It’s actually very easy to travel from there by train, by bus or rent a car (they are very cheap). For example to Poland is very easy to get. I have been there twice, first time we rent a car and went to see Aushcwitz and Krakow. Second time we used train and a bus and went to Katowice. Also I have already been in Vienna which is only 1,5h by bus from Brno

From the square of Krakow
Bunk bed from Aushcwitz

Beer, beer, absinthe, beer. Czech Republic is very well known from beers. And actually coolest thing so far was the green beer. It’s served only one day in a year but then you can get it from almost everywhere. I haven’t ever drinks this much beer than I have in here. One big reason is because it’s cheaper than water in restaurants. 0,25l water cost about 1€ or you can have 0,5l beer at same amount!!!

Green beer was weird but the taste was just like a normal beer




To Salford and Back

My study exchange experience has been wonderful and colourful. I have always love England as a country and the people here are extremely polite and welcoming. At least that has been my experience. In my months here I have had the chance to meet some amazing new people and I’ve been spending most of my free-time with my fellow Erasmus students.

The studies are going well, even though the amount of work and the different teaching style were a bit overwhelming at first. But I wouldn’t change anything and I’m lucky that I have been able to learn many new things about myself and my field of study while I’ve been here.

My home here is Castle Irwell, a big student village, and I’m sharing my house with nine other Erasmus students. Getting to know them and learning about their own cultures has been a great experience and I will definitely keep in touch with the friends I have made here. We are like a little family.

Manchester is a beautiful city and it reminds me a lot of Tampere. It’s too big for a small-town girl like me, and I love that.
10917395_10205846037654796_3143736427652733514_n 10731112_10205200965688400_737930057813014516_n

With my fellow students we tried to act like locals, so of course we went to see a football game in Old Trafford. This time it wasn’t a ManU game, but a friendly match between Argentina and Portugal 😉

Public transportation in England is excellent and with a student card it is very affordable. Because of this, I have been trying to visit other cities during my stay here as well. One weekend I visited the beautiful Richmond, right near London. Manchester doesn’t have that many parks, so finding this place in the heart of a massive city was a nice surprise!

10454915_10205200977848704_716358437324306232_n 1381443_10205200967168437_2995910530865876344_nOf course I also had to make a little trip to see my friend Ben…10313672_10205200988688975_6633501381305893817_nWhen in England!



Khanimambo Moçambique!

I have now spent almost three months in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. I have to say that it has been quite an experience with its ups and downs. I’ve been working in a local art association, Nucleo de Arte, that has a gallery and working space for the artists. Having had the most hectic spring back in Finland it was at first hard to adapt to the more relaxed atmosphere that exists here. I’ve been often told to take it easy when I’ve been trying to ask for some work to do. At the moment I couldn’t say what I’ve learned because I think I’m still processing all the things I’ve seen and experienced.

School kids visiting Nucleo de Arte.

My first challenge was to learn Portuguese so that I could at least communicate with people. The more I’ve learned Portuguese, the more I have also learned about the country and its people. People here in general are really friendly and generous. Right now I feel like three months wasn’t enough to get to know Mozambique but I guess that’s how I always feel after a journey.

Kruger park in South Africa is one of the most famous game reserves in Africa and easily accessible from Maputo.

In my opinion, Mozambique is a great destination for someone visiting Africa for the first time. The nature is amazing here and there are plenty of things to see and do. At least for me this experience has widened my perspectives.

Down in Africa

I have been down here in Zambia the last few months doing practical training for Global Dry Toilets of Finland. It has been a great and unique experience. I have had the opportunity to learn many different things, and also received good hands on experience, all while meeting  lots a new people.

Zambia has loads of poverty stricken areas, which is mostly where all of my work is taking place. Global Dry Toilets of Finland (GDTF) supplies dry composting toilets to the peri-urban areas in three different locations here in Zambia. These dry toilets are being used to help prevent contamination of the local water bodies, along with providing fertilizer from the waste being produced. Along with building toilets, GDTF also is supplying water kiosks within the compounds and trying to promote the importance of sanitation and hygiene.

My work consisted of walking around the compounds asking a questionnaire to the local community people to gather a sense of how well the idea of sanitation and hygiene, as well as the use of dry toilets, is spreading throughout the people. It has been a good way to see first hand how the local people live on a daily basis. It has been a humbling experience to say the least.

I have had quite a bit of a culture shock since I’ve been down here. The way of life is completely different to the western world. There are power outages everyday lasting anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. This is due to the lack of water supplying their hydro power plants. There is also a lack of waste management everywhere, which means that trash is all over the place. It’s hard to get use to dealing with all the pollution.

Besides all that, Zambia has been a great experience and I recommend doing this trip to anyone. It will get you out of your comfort zone, but its a very rewarding experience.


Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
The wildlife
The wildlife
Zambian sunset
Zambian sunset
A dry composting toilet
A dry composting toilet

The Emerald Isle

The time of my five month practical training in Limerick, Ireland has been like a roller coaster – full of interesting turns, butterflies in the stomach and feelings of: “Is it possible that I have had enough?” but finally ending at: “I want to repeat this!”. I have gotten the chance to learn about laboratory work and a great deal about biomass analysis.

Extractives of an unknown sample from Sweden
Extractives of an unknown sample from Sweden.

As well as working a 9 to 5 I have joined an outdoor pursuit club at the University of Limerick. This club organizes hiking and climbing trips. (Plus the main reason why I joined in the first place; they have a small bouldering wall where you can climb for free AND meet awesome people)

Beenoskee, Dingle peninsula
Beenoskee, Dingle peninsula
Irish climbing sceneries, to be missed!
Irish climbing sceneries, to be missed!

What I now know about Ireland: everything grows greener every day, when you go running in the forest you have to be careful that a goat won’t eat your shirt, by hanging around with Irish people you always have a good craic and that no one ever gets tired of talking about the weather.

Adventure to be continued.
Adventure to be continued.