To Salford and Back

My study exchange experience has been wonderful and colourful. I have always love England as a country and the people here are extremely polite and welcoming. At least that has been my experience. In my months here I have had the chance to meet some amazing new people and I’ve been spending most of my free-time with my fellow Erasmus students.

The studies are going well, even though the amount of work and the different teaching style were a bit overwhelming at first. But I wouldn’t change anything and I’m lucky that I have been able to learn many new things about myself and my field of study while I’ve been here.

My home here is Castle Irwell, a big student village, and I’m sharing my house with nine other Erasmus students. Getting to know them and learning about their own cultures has been a great experience and I will definitely keep in touch with the friends I have made here. We are like a little family.

Manchester is a beautiful city and it reminds me a lot of Tampere. It’s too big for a small-town girl like me, and I love that.
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With my fellow students we tried to act like locals, so of course we went to see a football game in Old Trafford. This time it wasn’t a ManU game, but a friendly match between Argentina and Portugal 😉

Public transportation in England is excellent and with a student card it is very affordable. Because of this, I have been trying to visit other cities during my stay here as well. One weekend I visited the beautiful Richmond, right near London. Manchester doesn’t have that many parks, so finding this place in the heart of a massive city was a nice surprise!

10454915_10205200977848704_716358437324306232_n 1381443_10205200967168437_2995910530865876344_nOf course I also had to make a little trip to see my friend Ben…10313672_10205200988688975_6633501381305893817_nWhen in England!



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