Na zdraví! From Brno

Greetings from Czech Republic

First thing I was shocked in Czech Republic was that this country is really rolling by cash!!! It’s 2015 and still you can’t survive here with only credit card. For example I have to pay my rent by CASH, add value on my student card by CASH or pay the dinner in restaurant by CASH. But that is not a problem it is just a thing I have get used to. Any case it quite nice to carry several thousands of money with you, feel like I’m much richer than I actually am.

Studying is also very different than in Finland, or actually I think that it just feel like that. Our lectures are always behind the locked doors and we don’t have access there without we are calling to the teacher or he come open the door for us. And I don’t mean only class room doors. All the locals keep telling that they are not like southern Europeans. If lecture start 9 o’clock it really starts then. But if I comparing Czech people to Finnish people or Southern Europeans I think they are somewhere between. There is only on teacher who is on time.

Local Black clock what local are hating. Not suprised, it might look like something totally different…

Otherwise studuying is easy in here. Our schedule is quite lazy and feels like Finnish knowledge level is high. I think that most of the topics are basic ones that we have had in Tamk already in first year. Of course always there is something small new things that is good to know.

Location, location, locations. Brno’s location is very good. It’s actually very easy to travel from there by train, by bus or rent a car (they are very cheap). For example to Poland is very easy to get. I have been there twice, first time we rent a car and went to see Aushcwitz and Krakow. Second time we used train and a bus and went to Katowice. Also I have already been in Vienna which is only 1,5h by bus from Brno

From the square of Krakow
Bunk bed from Aushcwitz

Beer, beer, absinthe, beer. Czech Republic is very well known from beers. And actually coolest thing so far was the green beer. It’s served only one day in a year but then you can get it from almost everywhere. I haven’t ever drinks this much beer than I have in here. One big reason is because it’s cheaper than water in restaurants. 0,25l water cost about 1€ or you can have 0,5l beer at same amount!!!

Green beer was weird but the taste was just like a normal beer




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