Landeshauptstadt Hannover

Hallo! I’ve studied mechanical engineering in Hannover, Germany. Double degree -studies required 30 credit points courses studied in German, internship and bachelor’s thesis also. Studying in Germany was quite stressful in German language. I studied three courses German in Tamk before going to Hannover. In the first lectures I didn’t understand much but later on it was easier as the language skills got better.

2015-03-20 21.17.49

German ice-hockey Hannover scorpions – Hannover indians

2015-04-10 20.44.55

Bundesliga Hannover 96 – Hertha Berlin

2014-10-12 16.20.23-2

view from the glider plane

I was busy studying but I also had time to experience new things. I was amused about the German sport culture and the great atmosphere in the games. Bundesliga game of football was one of the things I was really excited and the full stadium was a nice thing to experience during my stay. I saw also an ice-hockey game and the atmosphere was great even though that wasn’t that good ice-hockey as it was the third liga in Germany.

During the year I had a bit time to travel as well. It is quite easy to do from Hannover. After the first semester I met some of the Spanish exchange students when I was travelling in Spain  and Portugal. Later on I went to Czech Republic and the Netherlands as well.

I can really recommend Germany as a destination for the exchange. The double degree studies in Hannover require quite good knowledge in German and the motivation to study hard during the exchange. Now I’m really glad I decided to challenge myself and getting the bachelor’s degree from Germany and Finland.

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