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Here in Shanghai have been happened so much, so its hard the even try to summarize all in one blog text. So I tell you about trational chinese medicen lessons that I have taken. I have also have lenssons of Chinese Herbs, Taji, Chinese laguage. They have been also interesting but I wonder TCM is something that I can tell you the easiest way.


Pictures for the campus area at the Shanghai institute of health sciences





TCM lessons:

We had told things about Chinese culture. How did the Chinese traditional medicine get started and how they use it in nowadays. It has long roots in this culture and Chinese traditional medicine nurses study it eight years. Its hard because nurses and doctor had to know also western way to treat. Also anathomy have a big role in studies, example when your are going to do acpunction.

The teacher told us about theory of Ying and Yang. Even I have heard it before there was so much new information. The way how they acully use that theory when they interview the patient and treat the patient.

yy_clinical yin_yang


Also the teacher has tell us theory of five element. It wasnt the same that I have seen in the movies or what I have read at the books. It was interesting that we all have a own element and we have certain kind of relationship with the other elements. Example a tree element need water to grow and otherwise fire need tree for burning. So every element need some other element and give something to other element. There are also control relationships too. Metal can control the tree because it can cut it and stop it grow.

So everything affect everything, especially in the long term.

thFive elements circle

We have also inspect each other tongue. In traditional medicen you see patients healthy in hers/hims tongue. The colour in the tongue will change every day and when you inspect it it important that patient havent drink and eat nothing in couple hours, especially dark food products are prohibited.

kkkkooTongue inspecting

We have done acupuncture twice and cupping. Teacher has showed us different kind of needles and instruments. We have learn the different places where to press, massage, injected with a needle or cup and know where it should been helped.

tttttttttAcupunctio needles

mmmkk yyy

For a shoulder pain



I have been so excited to learn this stuff in here. It is a whole new world where you can easily absorbed in. I want to learn this more, hopefully it is possible in Finland too.

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